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Gas house is a way to prepare eggs, usually referred to as gashouse eggs, although other names are popular for this dish as well. It consists of making toast on a grill or skillet, poking a hole in it with the an inverted glass, setting the piece aside on the griddle/skillet and then putting an egg in, cooking, and using the cutout for dipping. really good stuff. Enjoyed by many, featured in a few films.
1. Man those gas house eggs were awesome.

2. ah, so that's why they call them gas house eggs.

4. hey, didn't they make gashouse eggs in "V for Vendetta"?

check out the tags for the many other names to this delicious dish
by gmoonit November 02, 2009
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A city in North Carolina which is really Gastonia, the city with the most inmates on deathrow in all of the state.
Also a bar in the city of Gastonia.
dude:Yo Im headed to the Gas-House to pick up my check man.
by JohnCutty December 30, 2005
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