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On the outside it might seem like your normal sleepy white neighborhood in the beatiful bergen county region but dont be fooled its not. We got xanny heads, dope heads, coke heads, molly heads any head you can think of. The girls? Well theres probably some nice girls here too bad they dont come outside cause all i see is BIRDS. And not just one my nigga FLOCKS of BIRDS come to Garfield and pick you one the pussy is yours after 2 shots of E&J. The cops are dicks that go around looking for kids smoking weed so they can arrest them to pretend to "help" our community. How about the education? Well garfield decided instead of you know helping the bad kids in their school get and education which is what you know schools are supposed to do that they would just ship their asses to an 'alternative' school. THAT SHIT NOT EVEN IN GARFIELD MA NIGGA YOU GET AN A+ IN THE CLASS IF YOU DONT STAB NOBODY ALL YEAR. Attractions? There is NOTHING in garfield NOTHING! WE STILL BETTER THAN ELMWOOD PARK, SADDLE BROOK, AND LODI THO THEM NIGGAS IS LAME AND TRY TO BE LIKE US WELCOME TO GARFIELD BITCHES AND THOTS HOME OF CHAMPIONS FUCK WITH US JUU HEARD.
by Miles Bumass Austin January 25, 2014
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