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Small town of about 28,000 people. Here whites are actually the minority and are pissed off rednecks, but mostly everyone get's along. Very diverse town from Asians, Cockasians, Indians, Hispanics, to even priates from Somalia
Tom: Hey Jose, what do you think about garden city, kansas ?
Jose: Apart from the high pregnancy rate there's fucking nothing to do here so fuck you man for reminding me.
Tom: My bad ese..
by Csiiir April 30, 2009
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a boring town in western kansas...where nothing really happens and no one cares if it does, has a very diverse population, from mennonites to hispanics and everything in-between, also known for its violent wind storms and for finally getting an i-hop in 2009
jo- "what's happenin', man?"
bob-"it's garden city, kansas, dude"
jo-"oh, right.."

jo-"man, I just went to Wal-Mart and saw a group of mennonites and then a bunch of dirty hispanics!"
bob-"gc's a crazy place, man"
by tots_93 February 19, 2009
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