a noise to express anger, excitement or other random acts of emotion, the catchphrase of matt bo
Person#1 What are you doing you idiot
Bo# Gar! whatsittoya
by Walter Webingston July 10, 2008
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A tiny blue pill that gets you real blaze feeling when you snort it up your nose. Its an excellent time when you are doing anything. It makes you smarter and is your best friend that will never let you down no matter how tough the situation is. A gar will never let one down!
How many gars you need for da weekend?

Idonno man like 15.

How much does that lil cherb sell gars for?

Yo I busted you out a gar line in the bathroom. Its in the cabinet on the picture above the toilet.
by Wong17 July 15, 2017
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Acronym for Greasy Ass Residue. This is due to putting in a full day of work and treating the posterior's hygenic needs as secondary. GAR is difficult to eliminate with simple wiping and requires severe measures, such as showering in a headstand.
Sorry for the squeaking. I have some major GAR to take care of tonight.
by Henry Horsham June 05, 2003
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a shortened word for cigar in which the user splits the cigar, empties the tobacco that it originally contained and fills it with marijuana

Say bro, I just got some weed go to the store and get a gar.
by slabcentral August 22, 2008
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1. Noun
Gar--a fish
hell gars--fish from hell, enjoy eating legs
undead hell gars--see above, but undead
undead subterranean hell gars--see above, but come at you from underground unexpectantly.

2. Adjective
Used to describe something otherwise indescribably bad, gay, horrible, or inept.
1. "NSYNC should be stranded on a deserted island populated by undead-subterranean-hell-gars."

2. Pacifists are gar. Anti-war protesters should be castrated.
by Rypsaw April 30, 2003
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A term originally created by hics and bullriders of Southeast Alberta, Canada, particularly the Bindloss region. It is short for "Garbage".
"Man, my score was low 'cuz I drew Yellobelly. That bull is gar."
by Lowell Monagle August 28, 2004
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