A symbolic way of protesting against dictatorship regimes by using green color.
Lets go and kick Ahmadi nezhad's ass, come on people, I'm ganna paint the town green. tonight.
by Greenparty88 July 19, 2009
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The drunk the bloke always down at the pub with a beer in his hand and a smoke in the other
Often called jimmy or gazza
oi jimmy stop being such a ganna get off the piss
(The piss mean an alcoholic beverage in Aussie slang)
by The-kid. September 2, 2021
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“This weekend we are going down to sear Ganna and grandpa
by Master Keif November 23, 2021
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Ganna is such a beautiful girl and the very kind but she have bad self confidence in her self . She is from the best girls u will meet in your life
by 1&2 November 27, 2021
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