A member of an organised crime family such as an Italian or Russian mafia or the Japanese Yakuza. Not to be confused with gangsta. Gangsters are usually rich, and their "duties" involve everything from assassinations, to body disposal, to operating business "fronts" for the mafia. Generally mafias are also known for blackmail, prostitution, bribing, assassination, murder, loan shark-ing.
Play Grand Theft Auto III, you deal a lot with true gangsters there.
by Lone Lobo December 1, 2005
the awesomest thing ever. being a gangster is so cool. you got your homies to back you up. you are such a rebel and swagy person. when your a gangster you can do anything.
Regular Person 1: Hey look its jake hoptcroft the gangster!
Regular person 2: OMG LOL he is so cool he is so GANGSTA!
by gangsterman101 November 6, 2013
a person that is commonly mistaken by a wanna be illiterate mother fucker; a person that black people take credit for, when really the white men are gangsters
Person 1:Did you see that gangster walking down the street?
Person 2:That was no gangster he was African
by Italian Pride September 13, 2008
member of a organized crime family. refers mainly to mafioso and mobsters, the kind of guys that wear suits and if you ever ran your mouth theyd put a hole through your forehead. examples are scarface, al capone, bugsy moran, the purple gang (dont let their name fool you, they were powerful enough to keep al capone out of detroit, they sold smuggled booze 2 him), jon gotti. these were some of the most fearsome criminals in american history. gangster is not to be confused with the retards who call themselves gangstas. gangsters can be any colour, white, black, latino, asian etc. there is no racial boundary
"gangstas" such as Community Resources for an Independant People, or the crips, and Blood Love Overcomes Our Depressions, or the Bloods.
by unanimous February 18, 2005
There are five types of "gangsters."

1 - The wannabes. This is a group of white or black kids who, although have never committed a felony, call themselves "gangsters," "Homie G's," or other wasteful nicknames. They call themselves gangsters because they listen to rap, sag, talk in slang, and cuss. This group is found mostly in Junior High, but unintelligent elementary school kids may also be these kinds of gangsters.

The hilarious thing about this group of “gangsters” is that they speak so seriously, but they don’t realize they look like complete morons.

2 - The Mini-Mafia. This group, high enough to be called an actual gang, consists of High-Schoolers who may do criminal acts such as vandalism, underage sex, drinking (or other forms of alcohol) and/or occasional murders. These people are generally uneducated morons, yet they are still hazardous.

3 - The Mafia. This group is consisting of thugs who will willingly identify a man, track him down, and kill him for money. Generally, they are white businessmen (or not, depending on your definition of “businessmen”) They are very organized and are often associated with cocaine and other drugs. They are, however, usually civilized enough not to talk in slang tongues.

4 - The Upper-Class. This group consists of adults who, formerly or imaginably, used to be poor men struggling for survival, forced to live on the streets. As a result of writing rap songs out of their experiences, they gain money, fame, and like every celebrity, hatred.

5 – The Real Deal. This consists of people who were born and raised on the streets. Instead of nobly living a homeless life in a shelter or acting as a typical hobo, they choose to commit crimes to get money (most of which end up being used for drugs and alcohol). Life near The Real Deal is a large risk.
1 - George: "Yo, Gordon, what's up me Homie Black?"
Gordon: "Nothing much, fucka. I've just been hangn' in the hood"
George: "Shut yo' mouth, foo'. The gangster life just don't tolerate shit like that."

2 - George: "Yo, Gordon, what'd yo' do to dat punk who bumped yo' in the hallz?"
Gordon: "I just left a sample of hell on his backporch."
George: "Fire settles everything, me nigga. By the way, Yolanda is pregnant..."

3 - George: "Gordon, sit down. A man by the name of Tom Cruise has mocked our headquarters. I want you to take him out."
Gordon: "I have no motivation."
George: "I will offer $5,000 if you can get him dead tonight."
Gordon: "Where'd I put my gun?"

4 - "I started out at 15
Scared as hell
I took 30 off a pack
And i made them sales
As a youth man i used to hustle for loot
With that little deuce deuce
And my triple fat goose
Sippin' easy jesus
Rockin' the leases
But mama whipped me when she found my pieces
I look back on life and think thank god im blessed
We the best on the planet so forget the rest" - Tony Yayo

5 – George: Damn bitch ran into me, so I gunned down dat mutha fucka.
Gordon: Did you get his wallet?
George: I already bought the crack.
by Fra22 May 8, 2006
Anybody, no matter the origins, no matter the background, who is engaged in criminal activities with an organised group of people (no matter who they are). Legally, in Canada, doing crimes with five of your buddies could end up with gangsterism accusations.
Al Capone was a gangster. But anybody that sells drugs, rob stores, commit murder... in an organised group is a gangster too.
by What? I need a name? January 23, 2007
A individual that has been involved in crime for most of his life, and throughout that time has established connections with other gangsters/gangs. Once that individual has reach a certain age, crime becomes organized in. Every race has their own type of sindicate in America.
A gangsta will shoot you at that moment and probally will get caught.

A gangster will wait till your asleep and kill you and your family.
by organized killa August 15, 2004