A bastardized word meaning A tough Street dweller. REAL GANGSTERS: are mafia, or mostly italian thugs who set up hits on rivals, and attempt to swindle money for their drug trade

FAKE GANGSTERS: are complete assholes who listen to eminem or shitty cent and go around saying i'm the dopest tripp and yo i'm g-unit. these tend to be kids or 30 year old losers who live with their parents in middle class communities. they can be black or white, and can be spotted wearing expensive-looking "bling" usually representing their greed. often appear on MTV cribbs which only proves how "Ghetto" and "street thuggish" they are not. often wear dumb looking oversized clothes with gay sounding names like Baby PHat or Phat pharm, FUBU, Timberland, or the worst Ecko Unlimited (yecch) wich looks like a rejected poseur skater brand that even poseurs wouldn't be caught dead in. they mostly claim to represent an entire city like detroit or NeU yERk when most people whith common sense in those places wish they would just shut the fuck up and leave them alone.

Kid gangsters:
in some schools they are usually disliked by emos and punks mostly but not always.
Real Gangster: Yo you makin' funna stupa peapaz? I don't like uze I outta kick your ass, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.

FAke Gangsters/wananbes: yo bitch i'm gonna knock yo punkass to da next malenium. check out my chrome and ma bling az i ghet downz wit ma hoez in da klubb and drink caronaz. yo mamma iz fat! i'm phatt G-Unit!!!!!
Rap iz cool! lol lol lol!
by Jay pee July 07, 2006
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Unlike what most people think a gangster is, a gangster is usually a white person in the mob. This term is also synonomyous with mobster. Gangsters usually hate the feds and in the golden days they bootlegged drugs but mainly alcohol and robbed banks. they had massive gunfights and had the nice sedans. Gangstas are the black ones in so cal popular in the early 90's. Even if you are black you must admit that white people are the best criminals.
Bonnie&Clyde, Al Capone, Jon Gotti, Pretty Boy Floyd, all were white and the biggest criminals to ever live. So bloods and crip that bitch.
by lazyassloser January 07, 2005
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a retarted poser who thinks they are cool cause they wear their pants 20 feet below their waste exposing their cock to the other guys they always hang around with. And think they can get respect by beating up little kids.
man:Dude look at those gangster
by tool rocks July 23, 2009
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A person who is looked down upon for their crimes if they are African American and admired for their crimes if they are Italian
There are no "real" gangsters. Crime is bad either way
by Kamete December 11, 2006
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A gangster (also referred to as "mobster") is usually not what American society thinks they are. Gangsters are usually white or heavily Italian, best known as the mafia. Black gang members in the United States are usually wannabes who don't speak correctly and usually take 5 people to beat up one guy.
by the chicken. May 03, 2015
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