Al Capone, and The Mafia are "gangster"
Man A: " That dude over there is gangster"
Man B: "Is he in the mafia?"
Man A: "No"
Man B: "Then he is not a gangster"
by ZombieHunterX October 8, 2009
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A person who is a part of a larger "gang" who believes smoking weed, doing drugs, murdering people, and breaking the law is cool and thug, they should think about that once they are in jail.
"If I had bad diarrhea, and i raised that diarrhea as my own child, and if I beat it, and that little piece of shit dropped out of high school, then it would become a modern day Gangster. I would rather stick my dick into a ceiling fan" -Franku Senpai, Future King of the Web.
by mikey661 September 12, 2013
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the thing you can never be because, one you're looking up ganster on the computer, and two you looked it up spelling it
g-a-n-g-s-t-e-r instead of g-a-n-g-s-t-a
wtf you dont know what a gangster is

that guy is in no way a gangster
by Menyae Shoemaker March 31, 2009
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modernly, a white person who says he/she is "gangster". modern gangster words are like Word,G,Waddup,Poppin,Bounce,Fo Shizzle,Son
Person A: How are you?
Gangster B: Word up.
Person A: Are you okay?
Gangster B: Fo shizzel
Person A: Sure about that?
Gangster B: Yeah, son!
Gangster B: I gotta bounce though,G.
Gangster B: I need me some fly ladies that get it poppin.
by Gangsterr =] November 20, 2006
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The Lone Testicle.

Used to describe the single testicle sported by those less fortunate souls. When used in plural (gangsters) meaning both testicles.

Can also be substituted for gangsta(s)
Drunk Man: "I've got two gangstas holdin up my gun."
Drunk Woman: "Would you please let me caress your gangsters with my tongue until you jizz on my forehead?"


Man 1: "Did you know Doug only had one gangster?"
Man 2: "What are you talking about?"
Man 1: "He had a herniated testicle, that is until he had the operation and got it pull down."
Man 2: "No way!"
Man 1: "You might say his balls have finally dropped."
Man 2: "That's awesome. lol"
Man 1: "You can call him frankennut n - dude did you just say 'lol'? You're fucking stupid"
by freedomfighters June 19, 2008
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Someone who wears an expensively tailored suit and carries an expensive, usually custom weapon or weapons. Usually Italian or Asian, but exceptions do exist. Participates in organized crime, usually related to bootlegging illegal drugs and weapons, but often involved with abuse of women and extortion. M1928 Thompson submachine guns and Peacemakers or M1911 Colt .45s were trademarks of Prohibition-era gangsters, but the TEC-9, MAC10, M9 Beretta, and Glock 17 are the most common weapons on today's streets.
Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Crips, Bloods, etc. are famous gangsters.
by larsonator August 6, 2007
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adjective- used to describe something when words like "cool", "dope", "crazy", "nice"... just don't cut it.
before: "My dog is a bad ass!"
after: "My dog is gangster!"

before: "That concert was awesome!"
after: "That concert was gangster!"

before: "Look at that girl over there, she's fine!"
after: "Look at that girl over there, she's gangster!"

One can also add emphasis by saying things like: gansterass or supagangster or ever supagangsterass.

before: "That concert was really awsome!"
after: "That concert was gangsterass!"

before: "Look at that fine woman!"
after: "Look at that supagangsterass woman!"

by dehm one December 3, 2006
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