a person who is glorified for hurting people.

even in a thousand years this will still not make any god damn sense.
He's gangsta. He brought a shotgun to the playground to kill another gangsta and ended up missing and hitting a child. What a fucking shame.
by zombieone May 05, 2005
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The dumbest gimmick alive. Can be best described as a failed genetic creation.
Failed specimen: YO SHIZZY, i'm GangStA Brotha!?!?! *insert malfunctioned English sentence*

Guy 1: *Ignores failed specimen*

Guy 2: *Rolls eyes*

Guy 3: *Laughs hysterically*

by Environmentalist August 10, 2008
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poser, 99% of the people that say they are gangstas are not.
just because you wear a certain couple colors and do some stupid shit with your fingers like spelling out BLOOD doesnt make you a gangsta. it makes you look like a deaf person that is color coordinated. but obviously has lost his/her belt. what makes people want to be a gangsta? its because they believe that they can live above the law....you know there arent very many smart criminals in jail...most are "gangstas" and are wasting their lives away in a cell because they chose the lazy way out. isntead of doing things like o...umm ... say learning how to READ they learned how to "slap a ho" instead of getting an honest job they would rather just sell some drugs to the neighbor kids, instead of learning how to read so they could get a good paying honest job so they could go buy a tv or a car they learn how to take it from people that did learn how to read got an honest good paying job and bought their own tv or car. AND!!!! on top of all this they, (gangstas), think for some reason that this makes them hard. ignorance is bliss i suppose. anyone can steal a tv or a car or sell something that they stole not anyone can get a job and pay for it. only people that arent "gangsta" enough. The ONLY i repeat ONLY people on the planet that you will find bragging about how uneducated they are are "GANGSTAS" THE ONLY PEOPLE in the world you will find BRAGGING about bad their life is is a "gangsta".

taking the "th" out of THAT and replacing it with a "d" does NOT make you a gangsta. it makes you sound like you have a newly discovered speech impediment.

making the windows shake in all the houses you drive by because of the speakers you got from a trade for 8 car stereos you stole from your high-school parking lot does NOT make you a gangsta. it makes you go deaf...which could explain all those weird finger things you "gangstas" do all the time.

going to 3 different malls to find the biggest red shirt in tulsa oklahoma does not make you a "gangsta". it simply means you have never heard of BIG and TALL

wheels that are worth more than your car and that also degrade the performance of that car does not make you a "gangsta". it makes your cutlass looke like a 4x4... thats not very "gangsta"

rap and hip hop artists arent "gangstas" they are rich rich rich business men who just happen to make a little noise that idots bounce around too.

if you smoke weed that doesnt make you a gangsta. it just means you have less brain cells than the rest of us...dont worry we already know...it shows.

killin someone because they wore blue and you like red soesnt make you a gansta. it makes you a cold blooded murderer.

the word gansta/gangster has changed so dramatically over the last 90 years or so. it has gone from someone that litterally struck fear in the eyes of the general public to an adjective used to describe a bunch of playstation generation, earphone wearin, never had a whippin by their daddy cuz they never knew him, bunch of kids that listen too ;and play some of the worst noises ever to be called music in the history of time.

what is gangSTA??? a music industry induced pop culture term loosely defining a lower class generally black social reject. that society has shat upon and now its his sole purpose in life to make his own life worse by worsening the conditions around him. and then making everyone feel bad for his own mistakes and lack of will power and low morale stature. ok im done bitchin now

if your mom still drives you to school....you are not "gangsta" the word gangsta is so over used. Shoes CAN'T be gangsta...etc. Hip hop culture is taking over and its showing in our youth. You can't drive to work and back without hearing someones music that you DON'T want to hear. Being a gansta is not playing a shitty rap song written by some millionare. Ever stop and think what do 50 cent, bone thugz, p diddy, snoop, think? They are laughin at all these "gangstas" .... all the way to the bank.
by fatmaninalittlecoat>ets February 23, 2007
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Perhaps the most successful personal image marketed to this day. Millions upon millions of brainless youths have spent billions upon billions in order to look and pretend to be part of the 'Gangsta' crew. Everything from music to fashion has been collecting dump trucks full of cash off silly kids who are desperate to be something they are not. The standard uniform for a typical 'gangsta' includes: one silly looking giant baseball cap, worn any way except facing forward. They're really rebellious you see. One giant basketball jersey that you may at first mistaken for a dress. One pair of jeans that are normally tailored for clowns. These loose-fitting jeans are not accompanied with a belt. And, one pair of sneakers.

It is not enough for you to run out and buy their uniform, however, you must also purchase subs for your car and the appropriate sounding music to fit your new image. (More money) Your car should also be 'pimped out' ideally. (More money)

All of this money is dumped into APPEARING to be a real gangsta, of which maybe a few hundred thousand really exist, and in a few American urban centers only. A great majority of these 'gangstas' live in middle to upperclass suburbanite homes and have no idea what the real life of the people they are trying to emulate is truly like.
Is there some reason why those gangstas can't roll up their windows when playing their shitty music?
by TheToddfather June 05, 2006
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Someone who thinks being a "gangsta" is cool, but is really a pathetic loser who should be fed through a chipper into a compost heap for selling crack to little children and robbing old ladies etc..
Not to be confused with "gangster", which comes from the Mafia who have at least a small amount of honour.
Mike thinks he is a gangsta, but we all know he likes to be sodomised by his father.

Eminem thinks he is cool, but a chipper awaits him.

We don't have a chipper big enough for all the gangsta rappers in the USA - Somebody get us a mechanical engineer to design us one!!
by Kaninchenfeuer March 14, 2007
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A thug who affects roughness, partakes in crime, and hangs out with others in his gang. The purpose of his behaviour and affected image is to make him feared and powerful, and to earn him respect from his peers who are also involved in crime. He typically has a specific dress code, social code, and vernacular to identify him with his gang. Moreover, he often relies on drugs to induce or augment his rash behaviour. He is, in short, a feared idiot.

The word "gangsta" is also used by clowns who imitate real gangstas and who are equally stupid.
Yo' know who I am? I am a gangsta, fool. Give me all yo' money, mothafucker! I don't have brains. I rely on my thuggish behaviour to make myself feel important.
by A respected lexicographer February 14, 2006
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Let me tell you something. It's NOT COOL, okay. If you hold up a gun, throw up a gang sign, and wear a doorag on your head to show what you think will make everybody take you seriously, or will make people respect you, you are not gangsta. You're an ignorant ass. The common definition of a gangsta today is messed up. It's basically somebody glorified for selling/buying drugs, being in a gang, and trying to shoot up everybody who looks at you wrong. And the worst part of it is, it's mainly directed at Black America. And that's bull right there because it's gonna take forever (if we ever manage) to throw off this stereotype that follows us wherever we go.

Sometimes though, gangsta means something more. The respectable gangsta (and it only sounds like an oxymoron) doesn't carry a gun and doesn't sell drugs. They just do what they have to (within the limits of the law) to survive/protect the people they love. If you wanna be gangsta, try that out for a change and have some respect for yourself and the people around you. And for God's sake, put down the gun and the doorag.
Ignorant Guy#1: Gun? Check. Doorag? Check. Multiple gold chains? Check. This that gangsta sh*t man!

Person With Actual Intelligence: What an ass.

Example #2
Patriach of a large family: You wanna be a gangsta so bad? Be a man. Work hard and take care of your family. Don't be trying to shoot up whoever pisses you off. That's ignorant as hell and there aren't enough bullets in the world. Don't blame everybody else for what you can't or won't do. Remember to do what's right. You wanna be a gangsta. Now go be one.

Nephew of said patriach: THAT'S the gangsta sh*t.
by Because-I-Am May 08, 2009
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