a gangsta is a faggot who thinks the only way to have a life is to do drugs and keep saying he shot people who he is actually scared of,they adress each other in informal slang that makes them all look uneducated (99% of all gangsta's are uneducated and think its cool to drop out of school).they think there are cool but they are stupid faggots dont be a gangsta. they were fake gold (they call it "bling")claiming it cost alot even though they dont have jobs and probably stole it off chav who is bassically the same thing but is british.
by broad_man January 31, 2006
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A dumb FUCK! cant speak right, dresses like a clown, and fights only when he/she has back up. Also look up coward, Bitch, Pussy, shithead.......
Dang yo, dat gangsta gonna get gang banged.
by Overseer April 14, 2005
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A word mostly incorporated into rap by 50 cent and others .
It's actual meaning is derived from gangster which is anyone from or partaking in a gang .
Not to be mixed up with mobster , gangster and thug .
Mobster is part of the mafia ; the real and original creators of organized crime in movies and such . Triads and Yakuza are two other gangs .
Gangsters are usually street bred . Although this may be a thing to show on TV or at school , a harsh life isn't always that big of a deal .
Thugs are usually mindless idiots who follow the plans of a smarter mastermind and will act like pawns , nothing more .
1. Mobster : Al Capone , Don Coreleone from the godfather ...
2. the other 50 cent , not the one on TV .
3. any dumbass saying he's 'gangsta' or 'in da hood' when he's getting his rear-end handed to him by 'crackers' .
by arabian dude July 14, 2006
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what rich suburban white kids think they are, when in reality, if they faced a day in the life of a real person in the ghetto, they would cry like a little bitch.
Rich white kid: yo dawg, i'm so hood!

Real gangsta: *shoots white kid in face*
by Link117 December 28, 2008
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a poor excuse for being un-manly. Normally rather noobish or simple. A term used among layabouts or chavs, attempting to be more like a 'fergus' or socially accepted.
person 1: im am bare manly init bruv
person 2: no..your just a gangsta you twat
by uncle ferg September 30, 2011
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Ignorance, generally relating to the crap... sorry "rap" culture. If something or someone is authentically gangster (note the "er") then they are related to that of a mobster.The difference is, Gangsters can usually read.
"Gee, Tom, Why'd you kill that kid that hangs out down town", "Simple mom, he was pretending to be a Gangsta "
by lildrummerboy8561 June 14, 2007
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Someone that tries to look "tough" by butchering the English language. Also tries to aim their 9mm, but will then realize that they are too stoned to aim propely, and they end up unloading a clip into a wall.

A "gangsta" is nothing to be proud of as they make the African American and Caucasian races look bad.
"gangsta": hey ya yall woah wut up homie g unit in the hood?
Me: What the fuck?
"gangsta": see dats the problem, you goin round disrespectin me yo.
Me: Quit butchering the Engish language.
"gangsta": ya? Wut you gunna do bout it, Goth boy? Betta watch it, I might put a cap in yo ass.
Me: *stares in confusion*
"gangsta": Now move it whitey!
Me: *stays in confused state of mind*
by King Blargh July 06, 2005
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