a dick-sucking bastard who thinks hes tough and likes to murder innocent people, sometimes even 5 year-old children
"gangstas" are stupid cowards who ought to be shot until each and every one of them is extinct

tupac is a bitch and i hope he burns in hell forever
by fuckgangs March 22, 2007
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Gangster/Gangsta A Gangster is a member of a professional crime organisation, such as a gang or a mafia group. Usually, members of the mafia or similar organization are referred to as mobsters while individual high-scale criminals who participate in mob-like activity or members of a small criminal enterprise are referred to as gangsters. There can be overlap, however, such as in the case of Dutch Schultz, who ran his own independent gang yet also worked as part of a coalition of Jewish mobsters aligned with the Italian mafia. Anyone who believes gangsters are always black couldn't be more wrong black people had nothing to do with gangsterism untill gangster rap, for instance famous gangsters (The Kray Twins, John Gotti and Don Vito Cascio Ferro)

Gangstas are usually white but can be black.
by Gravey1 November 26, 2005
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a black (or white) person who thinks they are better then other people, which is strange since they live in boxes or worse. the attire of a gangsta is tims, and whatever shitty crap they can get their hands on
that gangsta just stole my bike i need a ride to the pawn shop
by blackretard June 12, 2004
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A Gangsta, is a individual, who is a low life, and regardless of their "circumstances" or "upbringing" still participates in a "gangsta" lifestyle and or behavior. You can not sugar-coat gangsta as a epitome of American living or a badge of honor. It's a disgrace to our Society as a whole and to mankind, when one breaks laws for simply doing so, "introducing" others to said lifestyle...like many gangsta do to up quota into their groups. Degrading women, violence, all these things take a tole on our morals, and not to mention our educational system and economy with High Rates of Crime resulting form gangs, and or "gangstas" and the lives that are destroyed in the process. A gangsta is less than human, a de-evolution in morality and human intellect.
Shugg Knight, C-Murder, Young Buck, these are rappers who went to jail rightfully for doing horrific crimes and paid the price for their idiotic gangsta behaviors.
Other examples are Al Capone, mafias, other crime families, an syndicates around the world, recent Mexican Drug Cartels, all of these an terrorists included are Gang mentality driven individuals who are violent monsters that should be locked away. gangs are scrum.
by Jack Skipwith April 26, 2010
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The individual at your school or neighborhood who thinks he or she is the shit when everyone knows they cleary are not; usually tries to be what the media protrays a gangster to be, a individual who bullies others and thinks he or she is the shit when everyone cleary knows they are not.
tom-"since when do gangsta's get dropped off to prom by thier moms?"
tom's friend- cough* "posers"
by geraldoGU93 December 13, 2009
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Gangsta is the negroid version of Gangster. It's a pitiful version. The main difference: Italian immigrants were handed shovels when they landed at Ellis Island, not a welfare check. The Gangster of European descent knew their father and grandparents, didn't refer to women as bitches and ho's and were very organized. The Gangsters that landed from Europe were crooks, no doubt, but their energies were focused on making money against an industry or system.

Today's negro Gangstas are proudly uneducated, poor and powerless. In order to acheive a "sense" of power, the negro will act as a jungle animal by stealing from their mothers the father is dead, living at a half-way house or is in prison, bite the hands that feed them people that have jobs,and beat their chests like an ape in order to intimidate. If the Gangsta only recognized what a laugh we get out of them. We typically have a hip-hop day at work to see who can come up with the stupidest negro slang. I think the web site mostoffivevideo does the best job. You stupid animals. Get a fucking job and stop whining.

Today's Gangsta
At the mall with 5 teenage groids roaming their prey: "Yo, look at dat white bitch, Dis Gangsta's gonna mac a hoofie wit dat fat ass..."
by John Vogler December 22, 2006
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