A person that sets someone up for gang stalking for any reason using any means at their disposal, usually including money and/or lies.
"I heard "Joey the organized crook" caught some guy talking up his girlfriend. He went to his "boss" and made up some crap about this guy knowing too much about their "business". The boss put the guy on the "list". Joey's a low down gang stalking rat."
by HP23 September 6, 2006
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Gang Stalking Rat as in Rat Fink is an expresion that means stoolie or someone who squeals or tells bad things about a
person or what the person did so that person will get
in trouble!

The evil psychopathic person who enrolls someone into
being gang stalked for many years. This person only
has feelings for their self and do not see others as
caring human beings. They have no morals and cannot be
trusted. They are sometimes successful people but will
brutally attack others that they may perceive as a
threat to their position. This person who commits this
social life murder should be punished to the full
extent of the law. This person will eventually suffer
greatly from the evil that they know but not soon
enough!! Research in the US shows these people may be
an Allergist, Nurse, Office Worker, Scout Leader, Drug
Dealer, Car Dealer. Someone with very questionable
ethics. BEWARE you can not see it in their face until
it is too Late !! These people must be served an SRO -
Stalking Restraining Order and brought in to be
questioned, they know the answers to this evil !!!
(Only a few Police Stations per State are funded for
ASU - AntiStalking Unit)

As proof of the above term, there was a woman in Tokyo
Japan who confessed to this evil knowledge. She is
the only Gang Stalking Rat to confess to this date.
This is is what she said to her coworker in a world wide software maker company:
"I am able to ruin you socially. Remember I had
another achievement"
"You have turned on the Devil's Switch"
"We could be under close surveillance. If they are
Professionals you cannot hide."
by MRGs August 12, 2006
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