Also another name for someone who likes to game but can't decide what clan to join. They usually spend their gaming time "clan hopping."
LOL! That guy is such a Gamer.... hippity hop, hippity hop
by Nubcabbage September 02, 2009
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Some people who is said to be a loser and fat and ugly who is a virgin. Who likes video games. People who think this are confusing with a geek. See us gamers like to have sex and to other stuff more then videogames. While geeks just want to sit on their computer or infront of a tv.
I'm a gamer. I like to play video game. I have been been with the same hott women for 5 times getting laid a lot. Geeks are people who would like to have sex with a cd drive more thena women.
by David January 19, 2004
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A Xbox player. Typically told that playstation is superior, and knows that the morons who say this have incredibly low Iqs
I told my friend that I was a gamer, and he asked what kind of playstation I have. Moron.
by BleFotia January 09, 2016
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A person who plays video games on a daily basis and knows every area and all the cheats in a digital program for entertainment.
Everyone who plays video games is a Gamer
by Urban Gamer Boy October 25, 2016
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