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The result of when you've hunched forward while playing video games for an extended period. Rolls of flesh on your abdominal region create horizontal lines of skin irritation. When you stand up, shirtless, they appear quite clearly. Resembling a sort of developed ab muscle set. It can occur in anybody who isn't completely anorexic, not just fat people. They're temporary, the skin irritate goes away after a short while.
"He has been playing Halo for hours, check out those gamer abs!"
by N0Lif3 September 14, 2008
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The marks left on your abdominal area after sitting with bad posture. Most often gotten from gaming with bad posture or sitting hunched over on the toilet for too long.
Ex 1:
Dude! Do you have a six pack?

No, it’s just Gamer Abs

Ex 2:
*Looks in mirror*
Those work outs i’ve been doing have been working!
Oh I wait, I just gamed for 3 hours straight without getting up: it must just be Gamer Abs
by Thatonepanda November 27, 2019
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