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1. a term for smoking crack

2. a term for when someone steals your car

can be used to mean anything to do with black people really
lets go gaisford some crack

oh shit, i left my car unlocked and someone pulled a gaisford on it

do you want to go gaisford some kfc?
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a code word that clever white people use so that stupid foreign people don't realise they're being insulted. or if they do it doesn't matter anyway cos they're foreign
oi gaisford!


nothing (teehee you called him a gaisford)
by stephenjolly February 20, 2008
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a man who has extreme difficulty getting ass from anyone who is not a fatass chick.
Tom is such a Gaisford he can't get laid by anyone except Jen the fat chick.
by Ball Finder October 10, 2005
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