A gift given at a gift exchange, usually around Christmas time that is given strictly for comedic effect, to piss off the receiver, or both.

Extra joy can be achieved if given to a teacher, boss or someone in authority, although remorse almost inevitably follows.

Gag gifts come in wide varieties, as nobody has the same taste in humor (or despair).
I reached into the box expecting a great gift from my best friend, but then realized it was a gag gift when I learned he had given me a bar of soap.

A fur coat is the ultimate gag gift for a PETA advocate.
by Ohthelulz December 8, 2009
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When you are getting a blow job and you promise not to finish in her mouth. At the last second, you push her head down hard making her gag, then you give her a gift!
I gave my wife a gag gift this year for Christmas! She was really pissed off afterwards!
by Eve's other half October 28, 2016
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GGG means the greatest gag gift ever. It’s when your girlfriend makes you mad and use a condom and you said you don’t want to you can’t feel her and she makes you use one anyway. You used this. A dry condom salted on the outside. Made to rub her skin dry to open her wound ass or pussy and salt will make it sting or burn and you make sure to tell her we not stopping until I orgasm too. It takes so long to cum with a condom and make sure she agrees to it on camera first.
The greatest gag gift bring couples closer together and make woman stop being evil to their significant other good godly men.
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