furries are the most annoying fandom you will ever witness.Furries carry three traits obnoxious, self-righteous,and hypersensitive. In other words furries are stuck up assholes. Here are some quotes from furries that I have found quote 1:"we'll laugh back at how humans are having below par lives". Wow,it's a wonder why most people hate furries.Quote 2: "furries are humans in the fact that they are above normal humans" Furries will inform you that they have the right to say, do and draw whatever they want and there's nothing you can do about it. Yet I see these hypocritical bastards go to sites and say quote "anti furries should be shot" Oh yes, they'll tell you that they have the right say whatever they want but lord help you if you say one bad thing about them. They find it ok to think of themselves as better than "non-furries" but believe it wrong not to like them? Sounds a little strange to me. Furries tend to believe themself as a unique fandom.This is not true for example:I have seen a program where star trek fans wear their star trek costumes all the time, some who only wear their star trek conventions just like "fursuiters" .Star trek fans trade action figures like furries trade their so called "art".Furries are like all the other fandoms out there like those star trek and star wars fandom.Star trek,star wars,furries and all the other fandoms out there have the same catagory of people too, those who take the fandom too far,those who just like the fandom, and those who get perverted over the fandom.Wake up furries you are not different, you are not unique, you are not special.Furries are not a race although they tend to believe that they are a race being mistreated or hated.Furries, you are not a race, you are not better than us, you are not unique, get over yourself.
1,363,207 furries will only read the first ten word of my definition and try to delete it.Because they are furry.
by Captain Cream September 12, 2006
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A derogatory term that befits individuals who find pictures of anthropomorhpic creatures erotic and / or awe-inspiring.

Unfortunately there is no one definition for a furry, so this will break down the stages that a human goes through to become a furry:

1. An individual finds a species of animal particularly interesting or beautiful, and begins to seek works that include this animal. This may range from artwork, books, or fiction from various authors. No quirks have been noted at this stage, but the individuals affection with the creature begins to grow beyond the bounds of admiration and into something far, far more sinister.

2. The individual meets other individuals who share a common ground with the animal in question. They begin to discuss in great detail about the animal and aspects of the animal they find fascinating. They may go so far to say that they would like those aspects as a part of themselves. They begin to find or make works of their own about the creature, becoming more and more detailed with each project. Admiration slips into affection, and from affection to pure, raw, lust.

(Note that at this stage the furry is still of a human mind, though slightly bewildered. Most furries are at this stage.)

3. The individuals expresses a unnatural desire for the animal in question. To appease their increasing need for self-satisfaction, the individuals find or make works of the animal in a human-esque form, usually in poses that most rational people would find questionable. The individuals go so far to say that they require sexual release from these creatures, and speak of their animal on a daily if not hourly basis. Their mind derails all forms of rational thought and replaces it with the animal. They shelter themselves from the outside world and delve deeper into their circle of e-friends. Most furries at this stage appear human from a distance, and mayhaps even up close, but conversations with them tend to rival the witty banterings of the insane, ranging from random outbursts about their love of the animal to their need to find more people who wish to talk about how they love their animal. Most conversations may or may not include the words 'yiff', 'vore', or 'Yahoo Groups'.

4. Any aspects that made up the furrys former sanity crumble as they are now completely detached from the sentient world. They ARE the animal in all respects. They find solace in extremely erotic pictures of the animal with other animals, doing things both consensual, non-consensual, and most of the times outright acts of unbelieveable terror that rational humans would find horrifying and grounds of lunacy. They also may wear full-body makeup or a costume or the animal in question, and engage in physical acts within their circle of friends. Not all furries, however, are that extreme at the practice. Eventually they consider themselves members of some sound religion that is under fire of prejudice, and they lash out at any and all anti-furry activists (humans) as it threatens their sheltered lifestyle and could possibly shatter their imaginary world. They begin to think of themselves as the only sentient beings, when in actuality the clowns are running the circus in their fantasy world of shitting dicknipples and transvestite dogs. Any and all form of human interaction with a furry at this stage is impossible or considered an act of anti-furry terrorism that is met with an explosion of outrage and extreme argumentation, usually over the internet. Some are so serious in their practice that they undergo incredible surgeries to graft a part of their animal (ears, tail, whiskers, shitting dicknipples) onto themselves.

(Note that this stage is the most dangerous and should be recommended for immediate execution, sterilization, or possible exhibit at the local zoo.)
The Wrong Example: "That man owns a copy of The Lion King, and is therefore a furry."

The Right Example: "That man owns a centerfold of simba / mufasa incest, and is therefore a furry."
by Earth January 11, 2004
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Men and women who like to dress up in animal costumes and have sex with each other.
"Jen, you want to go to the furries meeting tonight? There's a hot chick in an elephant costume I'd like to mate with."
by Path January 03, 2005
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A handful of people who roleplay animals that walk, talk, and think. Also known as furres. Commonly seen on an MMORPG called Furcadia. Contrary to popular belief, not all of them worship anime (I HATE IT).Some of them also use guns in roleplay. There are two seperate groups, Middle Ages and Bullet Ages, not going by those names. Middle Ages use swords and sorcery and all that, but Bullet Ages use all the guns here and all in advance. I honestly prefer Bullet Ages because of the open-mindedness. See roleplay .
A furrie is a person who roleplays an animal that can walk and talk.
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf December 24, 2003
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Furries are people who in some way are unhappy with their actual lives/self and look for another outlet to make themselves feel better. In this case, being a furry facilitates this need by allowing the individual to not only hide their indentity but to also act in a way unlike their normal behavior. This is in my opinion a wonderful way to make oneself feel better about being "different", because they can find a way to fit in. Furries are people too. Please respect them and treat them as you would like to be treated. No one is forcing you to participate in the Furry Fandom. If someone approaches you and forces upon you unwanted attention, ask them to stop. Simple as that.
Being a furry is a wonderful way to express ones' differences, and causes no one harm.
by ShyFurry October 27, 2011
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a person who whishes to engage in sexual intercourse with a stuffed animal.
That furry stole my teddy bear... he can keep it.
by batman December 12, 2002
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