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A Gay Comedian. A person who degrades the Gay Community with humor to entertain. Someone who tells jokes about being Gay to fit in. One who hides true feelings or emotions with joking about Gays.

Someone showing an outward appearance of guidance and support along with joking to conceal secret intention of gaining sexual favor. A fake friend playing on sympathy to get into your pants.

A predator who gives young boys/girls "mentoring" or, a "gentle push" regarding their sexual orientation. A person who gains a postion of trust by being friendly, close association, humor & fun, relating to you, only to take advantage of you.
- This funny charley cracks jokes about being Gay.

- I thougt he was cool but, he was just being a funny charley.

- He tried in get into my little brother's pants like a funny charley.

- This funny charley makes it like you're both cool together to hide what he's wants to do to you.
by joemon554 November 20, 2007
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