A Funeral Treatment is when you're driving and someone is tailgating you and you slow down to very low speed, causing a line of traffic to build behind you. This makes it look very similar to a Funeral Procession. It doesn't have to be tailgating, you can give someone the funeral treatment for any reason.
Joe: Damn, this guy is riding my ass, I keep giving him a break check and he still won't back up.

Mike: Give him a funeral treatment, then he'll back off.

Joe: Speed limit is 30, I'll give him a 10mph treatment, that should piss him off.
by Hopie Elle March 03, 2009
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One of the most awesome Welsh bands to ever make it. Not just loved by emo kids.The lyrics are thought-provoking and meaningful, the riffs are stunning, the drumming is powerful, and unlike many bands, when funeral for a friend play live, they sound alot better than they do on the album, which is a rare thing. Casually dressed and deep in conversation/ Seven ways to scream your name should be in any rock fans CD collection
funeral for a friend rock! they are amazing and ive seen them 4 times live!!
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
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In Dungeons & Dragons or similar game, when a player's minimum damage is enough to defeat an enemy but the player desires to see the resulting damage, this is referred to as rolling "funeral damage."
GM: What's the minimum damage for your dagger attack?
Player 1: Let's see, it's dee-four plus eight. So, nine.
Player 2: Don't forget sneak attack.
Player 1: Oh duh. Two dee-six means two more.
GM: Eleven damage is enough to kill this guy. You just need to hit.
Player 1: Woo! Seventeen on the die! Eat it!
GM: Okay, it's dead.
Player 2: Wait a second, you get to roll like, three dice. DO IT.
GM: Fine. Roll funeral damage.
Player 1: Nice! Twenty-one damage.
GM: He only had three hit points left.
by dither March 21, 2014
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1. n. The practice of sending your non-functional electronics to the afterlife.

Honorable dead electronics can go to Valhalla if sent properly. In order to send your honorable dead to Valhalla, you must:

1.) place dead electronics in a boat
2.) set the boat on fire
3.) let it drift out on a body of water.

The higher the esteem for your dead device, the more peripherals and accessories you include in the boat so that it may have the same status, functionality, esteem and quality of life in the afterlife. Besides, manufacturers usually don't make the same connectors on different devices.

Just like Wall St., the real skill in this practice is to avoid a criminal record. Fire fighters and police officers are usually unfamiliar with this practice and will treat it with extreme skepticism or prejudice.
1) When I stopped drooling into my Mac Airbook, I realized it would no longer work. Since I love my Mac so much, I went to a near by lake to give it a Viking funeral.

2) I am on probation for a Viking funeral after sending my Super Nintendo to Valhalla after 14 years of glorious service. R.I.P., SNES
by Halvar the Red February 28, 2009
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A casserole consisting of shredded cheese onions frozen potatoes and other ingredients .Served at lunches after funerals and holidays.
My mom used to make the best funeral potatoes, The relief society had her number on speed dial
by lcthatch November 07, 2014
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Similar to a shotgun wedding, but instead of joining a reluctant couple, it occurs when a hated despot dies and is displayed before his or her oppressed serfs. The serfs feel compelled to begin crying uncontrollably at Dear Leader's untimely demise or else face a very hazardous and morbid fate.
Kim Jong Il died recently and his citizens displayed fake tears at the barrel of a gun. It was a very successful shotgun funeral for Best Korea.
by Kim_Jong_not_Il_He_Dead December 19, 2011
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1. One of the greatest Black Metal bands in existance.
Dark Funeral makes many cd's, among them are "Teach Children To Worship Satan" and "The Secret of The Black Arts".
by Steve July 14, 2003
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