A funeral full of fun. Usually only dogs are invited.
by jjjoyce August 28, 2017
The act of ashing a bong clear, and then dumping the bongwater over the still smoldering ashes to put them out.
by K. Melly November 27, 2014
This came about while talking with a friend about the death of someone who was planning to retire, but passed away before retiring. I told him that we would be attending his retirement funeral.
Retirement Funeral - a service held for a person who planned to retire, but died before retiring.
Jason A.L.
has to be 85 years old, if he doesn't retire soon we will be attending his Retirement Funeral.
by JJJAL August 20, 2019
You got caught cheating and your buddies show up to lift your spirits. Similar to a man on death row, you decide what you want to eat and drink and your friends provide.
Typical Cheater's Funeral Convo:

Buddy: Hey man, we heard you got caught and things went down really bad between you and the old lady. Tell us what food and booze to pick up and we'll be right out.

Cheater: Yeah man I need a good meal. Make it steak, bourbon and beer.

Buddy: No problem.
by HunterQT January 28, 2013
Sedating someone and then burying them alive in a casket about 6 feet under.
See "Kill Bill Vol. 2" for a perfect example.
by Kyle September 7, 2004
A detroit funeral is very similar to a viking funeral only the victim is alive when it starts. They are then set ablaze and left to smolder on the asphalt
I told the motherfucker next time I saw him he'd be getting a detroit funeral.
by redwings8 November 4, 2009