The act of literally taking a shit on top of a coffin.
Scott got fired today - Camera's caught him giving our shipment of caskets we were sending to a funeral home a real Plumber's Funeral.
by Nightmare Ives March 19, 2021
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A girl who is so beautiful that you cream your jeans, therefore ruining, or killing, your boxers.
by Andr3wW3llman December 31, 2017
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Dumb way to say "For Real?" or "On God" first heard in Los Angeles.

Later on heard in a popular game called "GTA San Andreas", Carl Johnson (CJ) used the sentence "at a funeral?" in one of the cutscenes.
A: "We goin to kill that ni**a up!"
B: "at a funeral?"
by keezishere September 07, 2020
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Who did it? Is the first question you might be wondering if you ever find yourself in this situation. But in reality it IS the baby who did it. Not only the shit, but the murder. Now lots of baby’s go to funeral homes. From sacrifices to suffocation, theirs a lotta ways for the baby’s to get there. But what you wouldn’t expect is a baby getting stuck in a corpse, and taking a shit. Essentially, baby shit in a funeral home can be taken 2 ways. 1.) gunnar. 2.) a series of murders and/or deaths that lead to a baby taking a large dump in a funeral home
Baby shit in a funeral home is bad
by BIG Dong 12” July 01, 2019
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An exercise testing ones will not to fuck the corpse
Dam Jones must be really good at horse funeral he did not even fuck the corpse
by Frog Priest September 26, 2020
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Space Funeral is an RPG game created in 2010 by thecatamites. It's a game about a depressed boy named Phillip who leaves his house to stop all the crazy things going on in his world. On the way, he fights enemies, recruits a new party member (A horse made out of severed legs), and interacting with special characters to key you in on where you're supposed to do (Not entirely)
Some guy: Hey have you ever played Space Funeral?
Some other guy: Yeah! It's really awesome!!!
by SOSOOSOS January 10, 2019
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Term used to describe the feeling you get when a girl asks you if she can put a strap-on and have anal sex with you while the music plays "psycho-killer" by talking heads
Girl : " It has been beautiful to be a man for a while"

Man : "i feel a bit sonatin for a jazz funeral. but it will pass, anymore, and it will go fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better. now i have to run run run run, run run run away" (singing out of tune)
by ciro March 30, 2014
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