A certain type of anger where you are so angry the blood burns and no one can stop you from anything
Omg I’m rayce Muwer fuming someone calm me down
by Therealgm January 30, 2021
When you have cute fairy farts, but they smell like absolute shit
"What the fuck is that smell? Is that Brandon dropping fairy fumes again?"
by WordDucks March 4, 2016
To make up shit and pass it off as authentic. Also known as broussarding the thread.
That’s not real. That’s nom de fume, quit broussarding the thread
by Docrates July 12, 2022
When someone is doing extraordinarily well in a certain sport,activity, or even just in life, to show that you've seen/appreciated their amazing effort you can simply say "Aw man you're fumin' right now!"
"The quarterback was fuming (fumin') when he threw the game winning touchdown."
by abibet1234 October 23, 2014
That was his fume boom. Just let him vent it out.
by Ereck Flowers May 3, 2019