Adjective: Fraudulent or of bad or inferior quality.
The Miami Hurricanes suck this year, they're fugazi.
by Henry Gomez November 29, 2005
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Fugazi is a derivation from an Italian word fugazi, "fake". Nothing, it's gone, none existent, no such thing exists
Mark Hanna: It’s all a fugazi. Do you know what fugazi is?
Jordan Belfort: Fugazi, it’s a fake…
Mark Hanna: Yeah, fugazi, fogazi. It’s a wazi, it’s a woozi. It’s…fairy dust. It doesn’t exist, it’s never landed, it is no matter, it’s not on the elemental charge. It’s not fucking real.
Jordan Belfort: Right.
Mark Hanna: Alright?
Jordan Belfort: Right.
-The Wolf Of Wall Street
by Tricaratope womb raider January 1, 2017
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Johnny Depp uses this word in the 1997 film Donnie Brasco. But this word was not in the script. "Fugazy" was a name he saw on the side of a work van while on set. He liked the way Fugazi sound and decided to improvise the name into the movie. It is not real Italian or any type of Italian slang.
by NYBenjies1 May 25, 2009
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It is wise guy slang for a fake or a knockoff. It does not come from Italian as far as I know, except that it probably comes from an Italian name (see the following) . It just sounds like the word "fake." It's origin probably comes from the Fugazi Limousine Service which was a company that ran ads constantly on the local New York TV stations in the 70's. Everybody in the NY Tri-state area knew those ads. BTW, it has NOTHING to do with "FUBAR" in meaning or origin.
This guy thought he was buyin' a Rolex, but it was totally fugazi!
by TVR1977 January 23, 2018
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An Italian Slang word meaning fake. A commonly used word that seemingly is known by all except for those named Ed.
Ed thinks the word Fugazi is, well, Fugazi.
by PoopMcPoopenstein February 14, 2017
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up in the cl or lith it means fucking crazy or unreal commenly used when some one dose or says something riducules
jay dub was fugazy for stompin on the b
The story was so stupid we knew it was fugazy
by turtle power October 27, 2009
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