The best drug alternative on Gods great world. Take this with some water and 20 min later you'll be the happiest you'll ever be. This stuff will wire you and you'll feel like you can run a fucking marathon and best of all no crash. Very hard to come across and defenetly perfect for parties.
That Fugazi had me feeling amazing last night.
by Canada booze May 26, 2016
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Fucked up got ambushed zipped in (body bag).. viet nam acronym no more than a messed up sitchuation. Also used for the the jewelry street slag for a messed up flawed or a fake or a fraudulent piece of merchandise messed up not real or othentic.
That mission last night was fugazi it was all bad no good and sad. Hey your blood cuzin brought me shinny engamet ring i swear it was a fugazi what a joke it turned my old ladys finger green.
by Richard Headdy III March 19, 2021
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You are who you are. Fuck anyone that doesn’t vibe with you. Fuck fakes! No fucks given
That kid is Fugazi. ( He doesn’t give a fuck)
by Just a regular bean November 09, 2017
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aye your chain is fugazy bro , straight glass nd man try say diamond . what an L
by SpicyŠhit December 04, 2019
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