to nudge the fudge. to burgle the botty. to please the cheese.
david hasslehoff has nudged his fair share of fudge. what a fudge nudger. cried Bill
by Bob N That September 20, 2006
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To drive the chocolate taxi up bournville boulevard. To hitch-hike to hershey hill.
"My name's David Hasselhoff, I'm a fudge nudger don't you know"
by stouffer and parp November 12, 2002
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One who "nudges", as if gently (Yeah, Right), the proverbial anal fudge.
Jeff is such a freakin' fudge nudger, don't go anywhere alone with him.
by Steve January 06, 2003
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Another word to describe a homosexual. Doesn't work for lesbians.
Jimmy: Ew. Look at that fat fucking fudge nudger.
Joe: Be he gets no dicks.
Jeff: Lol.
by Megan Cox January 03, 2018
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a gay couple who sticks fudge up each others ass then shits it back out in to each other’s mouths after a day or too for a good and nice tasting treat
Dude 1 :omg your such a fudge nudger

Dude 2: I saw you fudge nudging last night with your uncle DISGUSTING!!!
by Bobby tikka December 20, 2021
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