A person who is fucked and without wit. They are beyond stupid. Their brain is utterly fucked as it is fucked up that they have lost their wits about them - hence the term 'fuckwit'.
Person who has reicived on going fucking to the head, or who is beyond stupid hence fuckwit.
by japseye September 08, 2007
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Someone with way less intelligence (Wit) than you
Jenny - 2+2=7
Me/You - No, it's 4 you fucking fuckwit!
by H.Kay August 01, 2004
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a witless person who cudn't really giv a fcuk about anythin in life includin breathing,walkin,talkin,takin a bath etc etc!
the big fat sweaty non breathing (dead) delinquent didnt quite have the wit to fcuk!
by Mr t. urd September 05, 2003
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Pertaining to a specific personality that is self absorbed, as well as self righteous. Fuckwits SOMETIMES have good personality traits, but are earmarked by personallity flaws such as(but not limited to):
ego issues
honesty issues
self worth issues
fake happiness issues
temporary happiness issues
illicit drug issues
legal issues
domestic issues
failure issues
abandonment issues
inflated ego issues
That fuckwit doesn't even know who he even is or what's best for him because he has such little faith in himself, rightfully so because of his issues.
That fuckwit needs guidance and help.
That fuckwit doesn't understand the quality of which life can be because her issues.
That fuckwit could use some guidance and love.
That fuckwit had better straighten up before he fucks his life up even more.
That fuckwit needs to find someone who truly makes him happy and want to not be fuckwit.
That fuckwit has potential that he flashes down the toilet everyday because of his 'woe is me' attitude.
That fuckwit is not a horrible person, just very lost.
Fuckwits can change, if they give up there fuckwit ways.
Fuckwits are usually good people with a bad past who need extra TLC to get out of the fuckwit life style.
I don't care if that fuckwit wants to be with me or not, the fuckwit needs someone who is willing to make them not be a fuckwit.
Remember fuckwits, you have to love yourself before you can love anybody else.
Hey fuckwit, treat yourself with some respect.
Hey fuckwit, you only deserve the respect that you give.
by PineappleJuice March 05, 2015
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"Yo, don't fuckwit my shit."
"We goin cross town to fuckwit these bitches."
by jdwiskey1978 December 06, 2005
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See also wordFuckwit/word, worddoofus/word & wordtard/word for further definition.
by Bob Stains September 06, 2003
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