see also fuck head, or retard. combine the two...and there you go.
dastardly: "what's up Ivan?"
ivan: "not a lot, fucktard"
by wolf of bergen January 01, 2004
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Function: noun, adjective

I do believe it is self explanatory
If you can't figure it out, YOU must be a fucktard as well.
by Malk September 16, 2005
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To be defined a "fucktard", that person displays the not-so-favorable acts of stupidity (being a retard) and being an insensitive person (being a jerk or fuck). Usually fucktards are complete idiots who also act like jerks at the same time. to be called a "fucktard" is worse being called a "retard" or "fuck" alone.
Person 1: " My co-worker was being a fucktard again."
Person 2: "Really?! The hell did he do?"
Person 1: "He couldn't shut up bragging boning teenyboppers at work. And in FRONT of the manager."
Person 2: "Whoa! He IS a fucktard!"
by prototypeazn August 25, 2006
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Fucking Retard, someone who is far beyond a dumbass, someone who has done something so rediculously stupid or braindead that words can scarcely define.
Phil, you're a fucktard!
That phil guy is a total fucktard.
by dr.rob May 17, 2004
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someone who is not literally 'retarded' but acts incredibly stupid to the point where you are so angry you have to add fuck to the beginning of the word
"ugghh, Perry tried to smack my ass again, what a fucktard!"
by tgb19 November 14, 2009
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A word used to express the sentiments of calling someone a 'retard' by one who also feels the need to swear at the same time.
Unsurprisingly, the people most likely to use this word are also the people most accurately described by it.
joo R such a FUCKTARD!!!!!!11!!1!
by =^..^= December 05, 2004
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A Retard is born mentally challenged and can't help it, a Fucktard MAKES A CHOICE to be that way.
A perfect example of a fucktard, would be a lamer, booter, shit-stirrer, and room lagger in yahoo chat. This includes those who are most likely to make idle threats over a mic or by font-fucking (fighting with others exclusively in type) in a chatroom, as they hide in their trailers behind a monitor. Were most likely picked on on the playground. They become superheros in chat in their own minds, yet remain fucktards in the minds of the more intellectual chatters, those who know how to use ignore.

Also a perpetual room troller looking for online sex. Including those begging for cams..aka cambeggars. Or exposers - "See my 1 inch dick on cam now!" They make great fucktards as well, being as they can't get sex off the net on their own, so they are fuck-tarded, Fuck/Fucking challenged.
by evil old grotty bitch April 14, 2006
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