A complete retard who doesnt know what day it is or whats going on. Also says complete nonsense as if it was fact.
Dan: I live by heathrow and jet engines always fall in my garden.

Read: What the fuck are you talking about you Fucktard.

Dan: Dont know just thought i'd say something.
by cjp1992 October 15, 2012
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A shitcunt that's from south OZ with an unfortunate surname Tarr. Hence Tarr"d" and more referred to as the FUCK-tarrd.
fuckTaard: I have a 24 foot ski boat with twin 350 chevs!

US: Sure it's not a submarine fucktaard!

Us: Talking about motorbikes, mate mentions his Yamaha R1.
fuckTaard: Yeah I've got two R1's and between me, my brother and dad we've got over 100 bikes!
Us: Got any photos of them?
fuckTaard: "Silence". Show you next stint at work (meaning has a week off before returning for a month on at work)
Us: Did you manage to get any photos of the bikes on your week off?
fuckTaard: Naaar sold them all!

by 2200 4 Life December 03, 2013
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A fucktard is a retard but even more fucked up. Being a retard means being stupid but being a fucktard is even worse because adding fuck to anything makes it 1000 times more offensive. Don't call someone a fucktard unless the are one because non-idiots can actually process what your saying. Also, only fucktards would look up words on urban dictionary so waddup fuckers.
All of my guy friends are complete fucktards.
by motherfuckingtoasterpastry September 20, 2017
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Fucktard - the form of apparel worn globally by street-hookers
which is swiftly detached and allows for near-instant sexual penetration. Fucktards were developed from the older form of clothing - leotards. They can be manipulated to be worn during sex in many ways.
Oh man, she's got some smokin' fucktards on.

Those hookers wear fucktards to maximise their financial turnover.

Don't buy lingerie, buy fucktards !
by Gorgonzola Happiness August 22, 2009
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Fucktard is a mixed word between Fuck and Retard. It is commonly used as fucking retard.
" James your such a fucktard for saying that shit to us "
by Bloopbloop98136 June 01, 2016
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