The bastardisation of two words: "fuck" and "tard" - the latter being a shortened version of "retard", a derogatory word to decribe those with lesser mental ability. In use, it is an insult that can usually express two emotions at once - complete fustration and disbelief. Frustration at the stupidity of someone, and disbelief that yes, they are actually that stupid.
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A narrow minded, stupid and dimwitted fucking bastard that's both a Fuck and a Tard simultaneously.
You fucking ate the last of my pizza you Fucktard!
by Nellson Branserdink February 23, 2008
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A person who screws up everything that they do.
If you are stuck working with this person they will screw up all that hard work you have put in. But because this person is a fucktard they will get away with it and all blame is pushed on to you.
Dale: Jamie you've shit all over our hard work you fucktard!
Jamie Simms: I'm sorry I cant help it Dale i'm incontinant aswell as being a fucktard.
Mrs Macinally: Dale why are you shouting at Jamie again? you know he's a fucktard. Oh god and you've crapped on all your hard work. for god sake Dale!
by Glynn Thomas April 04, 2008
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A leotard with a hole in the crotch instead of snaps so you can get some quick in and out action between ballet performances.
Damn that ballet was boring, but Jenny wore her Fucktard and gave me a piece if I promised to stay for the whole show. It was worth it!!!
by Andi March 02, 2005
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A grammatical note: fucktard is what is called a blend. There are many entries calling this a contraction. However, it is in fact a blend.
Other blends:

smoke + fog = smog
motor + hotel = motel
fuck + retard = fucktard
by The Swank Linguist May 10, 2007
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