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When one male has sexual relations with twelve females simultaneously.

While laying on an assless table, (1)one female rides the male in such a position that (2)another can teabag said subjects testicles. The (3)female under the assless table will be tossing subjects salad. (4,5) Two females will be placed at the foot of the table sucking the subjects toes. (6) Another female will be preforming a mustache ride. With the subjects free hands, said subject will be preforming a modified vulcan on (7,8,9) three females. One will have the subjects thumb; another index and pointer; and last ring and pinky. The same will be preformed by the other hand. (10,11,12)
*Note Please see Vulcan, Mustache ride, Teabag, Tossing salad
I just had myself a fucker's dozen with the entire New England Patriots Cheerleading squad last night!!
by MtD "making the dozen" May 13, 2006
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