When you drive 8 hours to see your girlfriend and she doesnt wanna drive 2 hours to pick you up
so lauren, you would rather have me not come see you than you drive to pick me up?
"ya thats right"
wow thats fucked up
by wet metal April 01, 2008
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Describes action or situation that conflicts with logic or certain expectations.

Note: Often used in place of the word "Wrong" or the phrase "not right". However, the phrase "Fucked up" is unburdened by any idea of absolute rightness or wrongness. Whereas describing an action or situation as wrong in this manner may imply some sort of anomaly in an assumedly perfect universe, a situation described as fucked up can be viewed merely as the product of a Universe that is just fucked up in general.
"That's was wrong."
"2+2=5 is wrong. That was fucked up."

"That's fucked up."
"65 million years ago, an asteroid killed every living thing on this plante bigger than a rat, now THAT was fucked up."
by Alfred Mordeir December 24, 2006
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Often referred to as the massive BP Oil Spill in 2010 that is completely destroying everything living in the Atlantic Ocean, along with the economy of the US eastern coast. Why 12000-19000 barrels of oil per day are still being emptied into the ocean, and it hasn't been fixed yet, is one of the many questions at hand. Why wasn't BP prepared for such an incident? Why such horrible excuses?? We may never know, but one thing is for sure, that this oil spill is the worst man-made disaster in history, and its effects will be felt for decades and decades to come. Hence the phrase, 'Fucked Up.'
Some Guy: "Hey, what's the deal with the oil spill?"

Me: "It's fucked up."
by katiechaos27 June 03, 2010
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A criticly lauded, slightly progressive hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Known for their intelligent lyrics, relentless releasing of new matierial mainly through singles, and punishing live shows (referred to as orgies of destruction), they have built up a dedicated fanbase. Their 2008 full-length album, the Chemistry of Common Life, was awarded the Mercury Prize. In no uncertain terms, they are arguably the best punk band on the planet.
Q: You listen to Fucked Up? Let me guess, you heard about them from Pitchfork?
A: Yeah, but don't let that fool you, FUCKED UP IS INCREDIBLE!"
by Benj518 August 21, 2010
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An event pertaining to something thats messed up, or ironic.
Commonly used when something happened that was not expected.
that shits fucked up
by Figgy Newts June 03, 2004
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