The state of being when a situation or thing is messed up, stupid, retarded, or completely screwed. In essence, if something is FUBAR, its fucked. Also can replace "fucked up".
Fox: "Dude, can you believe that bullshit!? Its totally fucked!"
Fritz: "I know! Completely fucked!"
by FoxCarnage December 03, 2009
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verb. past tense.
1. The result of an act that causes unfortunate repurcussions.

2. Term often used in a manner describing the events after weeks of coercing a young woman of desire, via love letters, gifts and acts of chivalry into the act of sexual intercourse.

3. Proper response to an unreasonable request that would cause undo stress or activity.
1. "Those terrorists are fucked."

2. "I fucked that bitch's brains out"

3. "You want me to do what? When? Hell no, looks like you are fucked dude!!"
by poopypants April 01, 2003
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A term to describe the company I work for
when my co-worker and I quit.
When we walk out, this place is so fucked.
by ocu-pie May 04, 2003
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An advanced stated of fuckedness after a drinking session or use of drugs (especially shrooms)
He dude...I'm sooo Fuck-ed
by GlassMaster April 25, 2005
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