The state of being when a situation or thing is messed up, stupid, retarded, or completely screwed. In essence, if something is FUBAR, its fucked. Also can replace "fucked up".
Fox: "Dude, can you believe that bullshit!? Its totally fucked!"
Fritz: "I know! Completely fucked!"
by FoxCarnage December 03, 2009
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fucked is when after all that shit you put up with you still cant figure out what's going on.
"man, im fucked up..."
by Rahul_fucked May 15, 2006
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An advanced stated of fuckedness after a drinking session or use of drugs (especially shrooms)
He dude...I'm sooo Fuck-ed
by GlassMaster April 25, 2005
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When your in a terrible horiffic predicament
Donald trump is really going to be fucked if he really tries to build that wall
by Bloo sparkle May 12, 2016
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