Boys pretending to be men. The type that would cut you in line for a drunken philly and get upset when you address them as "fuckboy". Usually dressed in pastels with Sperry's and a backwards hat. Fuckboys believe they do no wrong but pretty much annoy everyone else around them.
Girl don't front he was a fuckboy anyway.
by SleezySheebs October 09, 2014
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Someone who attends the University of Guelph, being a fuckboy is a prerequisite to getting accepted.
I got rejected from U Of G because I'm not a fuckboy, even though I had a 95% average.
by Awesome1991 October 19, 2015
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A fuckboy is typically someone who leads you on (possibly for months) claiming they just "can't do relationships". They tell you everything you want to hear, but never mean any of it. They use anyone and everyone they can( not caring about anyone's feelings) , but theirs and their dicks. They pretend to be nice, but everyone knows they really aren't and most people find them highly annoying.
Wow, that Josh character is such a fuckboy, he uses girls and says he loves them when in reality he doesn't!
by catlover98 January 18, 2015
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A boy that treats girls like shit. Even if they thought they loved him. At first he will compliment you and say your cute. He will text you a lot on social media, when he has you he will write you letters on how much he loves you and likes you. And then you like him and he doesn't really love you like he says he does. He usually is attractive and breaks girls hearts for fun, but in the end those poor girls are crying while he's heading for the next victim. And you never talk to him again.
Girl) *looking on Facebook at her "boyfriends" account and notices he shared a post that said "share of you're crushing." Then she noticed he tagged a different girl besides her. "He's such a Fuckboy." She cries.
by Catlover032603 April 16, 2016
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a boy who think he's all that when he's really just a loser that watches porn .
hey, look! it's that fuckboy, mayo!!!
by jehche January 05, 2016
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A teenage boy who will use and hurt as many girls as possible, as long as they're getting their dick sucked.
"That lanky piece of shit James, is such a low life fuckboy who can't even hookup"
by sex_kitten101 December 13, 2014
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