A boy who wants to stick his dick into every hot girl he sees.

A guide on how to spot this common but disgusting species:

- white Nike tube socks with Adidas sandals

-asks for nudes

-tells you you're the only girl he's talking to

-adds #420 to his bio cause he smoked weed once

- has lots of insecurities
"Omg that boy is such a fuckboy"
"Yeah that one vaping outside McDonald's "
by Asian.barbie January 16, 2017
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A guy who lies to girls so he can pull as much ass as possible. He thinks he is gods gift to earth and is usually pretty damn beautiful. He will lie to you about planning a future together and then when you start to get too serious he will ghost you. Fuckboys invented ghosting.

There is only one way to beat a fuckboy. Start dating other guys and ghost him back. His ego can't handle being ignored. No one intends to date a fuckboy, but if you find yourself in love with one, the only way to get him to pick you is to ask God for a miracle because it will never happen. He will likely cheat no matter what. Do yourself a favor, stay away from fuckboys.
Tyler is the biggest fuckboy I have ever met in my life.
by Gowithit July 17, 2016
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A manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want.
That fuckboy Seth made me sleep outside in the cold so he could try to get some from Susan, who was blacked out drunk as shit, barfing all night.
by ejoxxx October 03, 2014
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Boy who is a player, flirty and knows how to get you but then does the same with every other girl
A fuckboy wears nike socks with anything and will hookup with you and then never respond.
Common phrases:
"I'm not like other guys"
"Want to play the question game?"
"How far have you gone?"
"What would we do if we hungout right now?"
"Are you a virgin?"
"You're showering without me?! ;)"
by Average girlknowswhatsup January 03, 2015
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A boy that always is trying to get in a girls pants or in other words always trying to fuck random girls.
Sand that fuckboy always trying to get some.
by Cat03 November 24, 2016
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When you find out you're a side piece to a side piece. To maybe another side piece. He's a fuck boy.

He has beautiful eyes that say everything you fool yourself into thinking he wants to say. His lips are soft and when he holds you, you feel it from your feet to the ends of your hair. An hour later you are nothing.

Everything is on his time, and he has no concern for yours.

He will be distant until (apparently) one of his other 5 "bitches" isnt available or mad at him, and all of a sudden he is all about you.

He will be pissed if you talk to other guys or think of dating someone else, yet doesn't want to date you either.

If you're looking up this definition because you suspect you're with a Fuck Boy, kick him to the curb and hold your head up. He isn't worth your time.
Her: "He's acts all tough bad boy, but actually he's real softie."
Me: "He's married, with 5 side bitches. He's a Fuck Boy."
by T-rexia March 08, 2019
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