Asshole who uses girls for his benefit. He starts off sweet, makes you believe everything you wanna hear. He always lets you down but apologizes to continue demanding more "pics." He pretends to care but his actions never prove any affection. He complains your tits aren’t out enough since you need to show off your assets to other guys. He only sees you at night for sex and never lets you sleep over. He shows up unexpected at night to get in your pants before goin home to bed. He cancels plans cuz he’s busy even if they’re his idea. He forces you to listen to him bitch about the last girl and awful things she did over and over so you believe him. Later you realize he never actually tried when you’re forced to hear him vent how he tried with other women who blew him off. Don’t look past all this even if you care about him. He doesn’t see anything wrong with how he treats you and wants to continue pulling off a kunkel with girls. He trash talks friends, siblings, coworkers to feel better about himself. If you try to stand up to this asshole he’ll deny it and try to turn it on you. He doesn’t care and will wait til you’re at your worst (ie. family dying, your birthday) to end it. When you’re crying in front of him he’ll laugh at you as tears stream down your face. He’ll say he just needs space and isn’t saying it’s done forever so you’re sitting at home waiting. Boys like this are egotistical assholes who can’t be trusted and deserve nothing but the same in return.
Megan: “He tells me he cares about me but why does he hold me to his ex’s mistakes? I wasn’t the one who left his sweatshirt receipt in the shopping bag and stood him up on his birthday. He wouldn’t spend time with me on his birthday because he said I could do the same thing to him”

Maria: “If he cared about you he wouldn’t treat you that way. He should never make you pay for someone else’s mistakes”

Megan: “Sometimes he ignores me when I ask him to hang out, cancels his plans on me, and he cancelled a vacation 2 weeks before that was his idea because he is busy. What the hell is he ‘busy’ with?

Maria: “Maybe you don’t want to know what he was busy with. He’s obviously using you”

Megan: “He showed up at my apartment unannounced last night at 10pm to sleep with me and then went right home”

Maria: “He’s an ass. You can’t let someone use you like that”

Megan: “He refused to let me sleep at his house, even dating him for a year. I almost got in an accident multiple times driving home in snow storms on his back roads. What’s wrong with me that he doesn’t even care about that?”

Maria: “He’s clearly a fuckboy who doesn’t care and has no respect for you at all. You should never let someone treat you that way”
by Wadeisalowlifedick January 30, 2018
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a guy who is a cheating bastard and goes from girl to girl and can possibly have a lot of sex. He will also not admit he's a Fuckboy because he thinks he has a special charm but he doesn't. Basically he is a player. Its the guy version for hoe.
That fuckboy dumped me for my bestfriend after we have dated for a week.
by Be home January 12, 2015
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A grown man usually around the age of 30. Who expects to play house with you and the kids, when it's convenient for him. He says he loves you and he wants to sex with you and wants you to fully commit to him and only him but he doesn't want to put "a title" on what you have together because then "it'll just ruin it". When in fact he really just doesn't want to answer to anybody & wants to be able go goose hunting or hanging with his friends(male&female) and acting single! Basically do what/when he wants! & he wants to do all this without running plans by anyone else. And nobody can say anything about it because technically he has no commitments. Bc he is a "fuckboy"
You want wifey privileges from me?!, but you want to be acting like a fuckboy?!! MmmmMmMmm I don't think so!!
by GooseslayerGreig August 23, 2016
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A guy that goes around fucking girls and then leaving them for another bitch
by Stevet 4.0 February 28, 2016
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A complete perverted, disgusting, mindless douchebag boy that wants nothing but sex with you. Fuckboys are usually spotted with their extremely obvious emojis on social media sites. They appear on girl's selfies, and if spotted, should be blocked and reported immediately. In real life, these jackasses are nothing but losers that have nothing at all to do with their life. Commonly known for their trait of wearing khakis and Nike sandals.
Taren: "Cristina, there's a fuckboy on my selfie!"
Cristiana: "Block him!"
Taren: I don't know what that thing is, but i will find it. And I will kill it.
by phoenix_wrong2014 January 14, 2015
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a guy that leads girls on and flirts with everyone. messes with girls' feelings
friend: "that guy flirts with everyone!"
me: "he's a total fuck boy"
by h8allyoumofos::://// November 13, 2014
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