Ask any Kenyan teenage girl about Kieth munyau
He smashed her whole squad ? He is on that fuck boy spree.
by Tumzz February 19, 2017
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A little man who think he big but only thing big is his pussy.
"Hey Jerome, d'you see that bitch ass who look like he 6 years old?"
"Yeah, he was actin' like a bitch."
"Shit, too many fuckboys 'round here."
by TooManyFuckboys July 09, 2017
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A man with a pregnant fiancé that tries to massage an other woman.
"Let's go to my house for champagne"
A fuck boy will normally lure his prey in thinking he is a normal person but is in fact looking for puss.
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by Angiepangie0726 October 14, 2017
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A guy that ditches his homies for day one to go hang out with some bitches the nigga isn’t even friends with. Shit to be honest your homies gotta be your day ones because their the ones that have your back. You can trust any bitches in these streets. Also some guy that ignores and doesn’t talk to any of his friends just to hang out with some bullshit girls.
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by JackTheRabbitCat June 16, 2018
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