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Fuck boy 101 is the guy that thinks he can have who ever he wants. He will only hang out on his time, and keep you waiting for days for a response. They generally get their feelings hurt over little things. They are never wrong and always the one that was "hurt" by ypur actions of calling them out or you expressing how they made you feel. They will tell you they dont want you because you do not fit a certain body type, but still tell you they like you. They will go back and forth saying they cant be with you, but then all of a sudden they do. But if you dont give them the answer they want right away, they will act like you font exist.
FB101: "I'm into skinny girls...sorry.."
Me: "Its all good, usually i go for someone based of personality. Im not shallow.."

FB101: "Thats why I like you though..."

FB101: "Will you date me? 😊"
Me: "You are so confusing... can we talk about what is going on here?"
A week later.. no response...still..

Telling friends about the circumstances
"Thats because hes a Fuckboy 101 gurl.. leave him alone, he's a child"
by ItsOnlyMe12 July 31, 2017
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