Boondock Saints definition: Bartender has tourette's and yells out FUCKASS! at random times.
"I think you guys should make like a tree FUCKASS and get the hell out of here."
by JZ August 17, 2004
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The act of acting as a fuck ass. An ass (as in a rude person) that enjoys the pleasure of fornication in the ass hole with a massive male reproductive organ. A person who acts incosiderate to others and is an ignorant bastard.
What the fuck you fucking fuck ass?
"You're such a fuck ass."(Darko, Donie)
Why the fuck do you have to be such an ignorant inconsiderate fuck ass?
by Mackenzie Butler May 25, 2004
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someone embodying all of the qualities of douche-baggery but beyond the level of simply being a douche-bag...this might include neglecting his traditional roots or being a scientologist, for example.
Bob: Dude, I gotta pee - want to play swords?
Jim: Bob, you're a fuck-ass...
by Michipitonka March 29, 2006
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A really big pain in the ass person. Someone that you'd love to fuck up! but not fuck in the ass, that would be pretty fucked up and gross...
Dude! you're a fuck ass! come here so i can fuck you up!
by foofypoof91 March 15, 2003
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a word largely used by the freshman penninnsula boys at SI to talk about someone being hardcore/cool/a dick.
"dude john you fuckass i want my shirt back"

by micheleeeee July 12, 2006
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