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A Friday on which you refuse all requests and deny all favors, instead cursing out the person who is asking.
You: Hey self, it's another Fuck-You Friday.

Jim: (enters) Can you help me with this report?

You: Not today pal. Fuck you.
by rushoffailure December 29, 2006
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1. A Friday on the verge of a stellar weekend ruined by an unfortunate event.

2. The best damn rock band founded by a Renson.
Your boss throws you a last minute project that needs to be completed before Monday. (Usually salvaging their own weekend at the expense of yours!)

The Stock Market makes an unexpected jump or plunge on what should be a relatively quiet day and you miss the action!

The Weather (Especially if you live in the North East...never fails)

You name it...if it's the end of the week and a kick to the's a
Fuck You Friday!

by Duke Shivance Shivance June 13, 2008
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Term derived by railroad workers for working extra late on Fridays. Especially on Fridays leading into a three day weekend, hunting season or anytime you have plans. Can be used though for any job where something goes wrong and your stuck at the office late on a Friday.
Ah hell! A machine broke down! Looks like a fuck you Friday!

The boss wants all these reports done before I can leave and it's almost lunch on a Friday? Talk about a fuck you Friday!
by Mtcowboy406 October 22, 2013
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The day after "Throwback Thursday," in which you don't care about people's posts on social media because you are sick of seeing pictures of douchebags from years previous.

The end of the week, and you are already mentally checked out of anything remotely having to do with work.
"I am sick of this TBT shit. I am ready to post a Fuck You Friday status telling people where they can go."

"Amy wanted me file those reports. I did right in the garbage can because it is Fuck You Friday!"
by The DGNR8's Domain July 24, 2014
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