the guy that shot and killed John Winston Lennon on December 8th, 1980 outside of The Dakota in New York City, NY.
Thirty years ago today a man by the name of fuckface destroyed one of God's greatest gifts to music and humanity.

If they ever release fuckface from prison he won't live through the night.
by highnuck December 08, 2010
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Person who will not move out of the left lane on the interstate.
Hey fuckface get out of the left lane.
by Shmanker September 04, 2017
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Someone who is so ugly or so messed up you have no other word to describe them
by Anonymous December 04, 2002
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A person with penises for eyes. Very inconvenient, as you can imagine, but perhaps they could be of use in the porn industry.
My friend Kevin once said to me, in a fit of drunken stupidity, "Dude, I wish my eyes were penises!"

Lo and behold, the fates decided to agree with his request and grant it in the most hideous manner possible, for when he awoke the next day, instead of gazing at the ceiling above him, an inflamed phallus emerged from each eyelid.

He soon found himself standing on street corners, destitude and holding up a cardboard sign that read "Please be my friend" while civilians passed by and laughed, for he couldn't hide his erections, and when limp, his new penis-eyes looked hideous as ever. Kevin sat down and began to weep, though it was naught but urine trickling down his cheeks.

Truly, a lesson is to be learned from all this: Be careful what you wish for!
by Killing Kittens October 20, 2004
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A Person or object that is an absolute asshole and/or self-minded jackass.

Can also describe people who think they are higher than others because they think they are important to many others when really he isn't, or a "tough guy" that talks shit but and might throw a punch or two but is really a lousy idiot.
"I'am better than you because many people love me and I make trillions more dollars than you!"
You: "You forgot to mention you're a fuckface."

You: "You Fuckface."
by WilliamTheTard October 03, 2011
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a great term for that "special someone" show them that you care, and you love them.
I love you fuckface.
hey fuckface i love you.
fuckface you rck muh' sox.
by Murphie M. September 12, 2006
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