A standard unit of measurement used to quantify exactly how much you care about someone's petty problems

20/760 Watts = 1 fuck

Conversion based upon penalizing people who say “I give no fucks” for their phrasing. The number NO in the duotrigesimal number system corresponds to 23*32^1 + 24*32^0, or 760 in the decimal system. This along with the average power of the human brain (20 Watts) leads me to say that 20/760 Watts = 1 fuck. So if someone were to say “I give NO fucks about your problem” what they’re really saying is “I am devoting the full power of my brain to solving your problem”
Person 1: "I give approximately 732.47 fucks"

Person 2: "Wow, your really putting some effort into this."
by Quantify this bitch November 16, 2012
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The etymology of this term is said to have originated from many a possibility, including truth and farcity. The highest possibility is that of Germanic origin, being it is found in many a cognate throughout several Germanic languages. German- Ficken (to copulate). Dutch- Fokken (to breed). dialectical Norwegian- fukka (to copulate. dialectical Swedish- fucka (to strike, copulate) and fuck (penis). It also has possible Celtic, Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon origins, most of which are based on situational absolutes.
Many farce etymologies of this term are of acronymic origin for the word, such as:
- Fornication Under Carnal/Cardinal Knowledge
- Fornication Under Control/consent/command (of the) King
- False Use (of) Carnal Knowledge
- Felonious Use (of) Carnal Knowledge
- Forced Unlawful Carnal Knowledge (generaly used to refer to rape).
Today, in america and many other countries, this term has been morphed and twisted into a much more "useful" form of usage. It's current definition is that of many, all molding the term into explitive form. Commonly refered to as the F Bomb, it can be used to express many emotions, such as anger, frustration, excitement, arousal, anxiety, being overwhelmed, being surprised, etc. It's most common form is that of an interjection, similar to missuse of the terms "bloody" in the UK, or "bloomin" in Australia. Usually "the" preceeds this term, almost acting as a disclaimer of sorts. All in all, it's a word that is seemingly taboo and yet so commonly used today.
Common Examples Include:

"What the FUCK!"
"Why the fuck do you think you are?"
(somewhat interjective)
"Fuck me."
"I'm fuckin' awesome!"
"I don't give a flying fuck"
"Oooooh fuck, baby..."
(seemingly meaningless, but somehow explains everything)
by Of Short Reprise March 26, 2008
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This is an English word, and is their greatest contribution to history, Fuck means "Fornicating Under the Consent of the King", and was a licence prostitutes had to apply for so they could work.
'Ere Penny! The ole meat pie business is down the shitter! I'm am going to his highness to apply for a fucking licence!
by pseudonym 2 August 28, 2008
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when a dude sticks his cock in a girls vagina and pumps it up and down until the both orgasm
my girlfriend and me where running in the park, and watching her huge jugs bouce up and down was getting me horny, so i led her behing a large bush 30 ft from the path and we ripped each others clothes off then told her to go down on me.She deep throated my dick and hummed. In 5 minutes i came on her chest and face. She then licked it off of her and i started to eat her out. She was moaning pretty loudly, so i reminded her that people could hear, but she didnt care, which got me hornier.She said to fuck her quick, so i stuck it in her and pumped as fast as I could, and we both orgasmed at the same time.i gave her a cream pie, and she scooped it on her fingers ang licked them. then we cleaned up and finished our jog. It was the best fucking ive ever had
by sickdick October 13, 2009
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A Word That Can Fix Any Problem, Express Any Feeling, And To Have A Sex
"Get That Fuck Outta My House"

"Im So Fucking Blazed"
"I Know Me Too Man"

"Let's Fuck"
"You Read My Mind"
by Kusmeister55 May 23, 2009
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