George Bush. Simply George Bush.
Girl- "Where do you live?"
Boy- "I live in the United States."
Girl- "Hey, your president is that fucked guy."
Boy- "Unfortunately, yep."
Girl- "Oh. Bummer."
by Herewdome June 28, 2009
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A useless person who is lazy and does nothing. A CRY BABY
John: man we do we have to do all the work.

Bob: I know Kevin is suck a fuck.
by Noneyodamnbuisness October 03, 2017
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To beat with a bundle of sticks.
To beat with a stick.
"Im going to go fuck Bob. Wanna come?"
Translation: "Im going to go beat Bob with a stick. Wanna come?"
by Rackal July 19, 2008
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to fuck to have sex as in vaginal penile sex
my girl jaycie sucks my cock everyday then I FUCK her hard and pound her
by 9"cock November 15, 2010
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if you dont want to do something because no1 else is
walking up mamas kitchen stairs and get to the top. look around and your mates are not there and you shout "FUCK THAT" and walk back down
by Bully99999 February 05, 2009
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when a man is rapidly thrusting his cock in and out of a girls wet pussy and they have several orgasms and scream with pleasure :)
i was on my way in to my house when my beautifully naked girlfriend was lying there on the sofa waitin for me to seduce her, i ran over, i was so horny and ripped off my shirt and trousers. we started kissing very intimatly, she made her lips and tounge trace down my body and slowly pulled down my boxers with her teeth, at this point i was hard. after that she started deep throating my cock, she sucked and sucked until i cummed, she swallowed and looked up and smiled at me with cum all over her mouth and face. i couldnt take much more of thisd foreplay so i picked her up and shouved my dick in her pussy and fucked her soo hard up against the wall with ever thrust 'bang' my balls were hitting her clit hard 'URGHH OHH MY GOD BEN YOU ARE SOO GOOOD HARDER HARDERR!' she screamed. she climbed on top of me after pushing me back on to the sofa and demanded i eat her out straight away, i follwed these orders and begin to suck on her clit, i started to toungue fuck her she couldnt hold back she moaned with pleasure so loudlyy she cummed over my mouth, boy it tasted good so sweet. after that i fingered her and then she licked my fingers OHHHH! fonallyy she racked me off feeling my ballsackk and massagin it to get the rest of my load out and i reached the point i had to have an orgasm i couldnt hold it in, OOHH MYYY GODDD, OGHH YEAHHH SOPHIEE THIS IS THE BEST SEX IVE HAD EVER URGGHHH YEAHH! i shot my man juice all over her hugee tits and sucked it off ;P fucking
by anonymousss:) July 21, 2010
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