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Laymens term: /slang/( phrase) An exclamation used when a person is dissatisfied with the existence of the corporate mainstream super store Wal-Mart. Often this phrase is used because one notices the pervasive detrimental societal effects of Wal-mart. These detrimental consistencies include but are not limited to: Standardization of the poor treatment of employees (especially those employees of marginalized status i.e. women and persons of color) the questionable ethics of where and how products are produced for Wal-mart (see human rights violations and environmental concerns) and the devastating economic impacts on local, rural, and even semi metropolitan communities across the North American Continent.
Person X:"Did you hear about the Wal-mart workers striking in California because of grievances over wages, scheduling, and alleged retaliation?"
Person Y: "Yes, I concur, FUCK YOU WAL-MART!"
by forcryingoutmeow November 28, 2013
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