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June 7, 2009

fobr holiday that started by little girls posting a video for tiffany blews on the boards, thus resulting in pedo screencaps and blew up into a giant pedofest. included was andy's twitter friend, justtosaveyou, famous for her lack of pants. "not andy" came on the boards before being liberated, but in time for andy to acknowledge the "FUCK FOBR, THE INTERNET ISN'T REAL - a" thread in honor of him.
@fuckcity btw there's a NICE thread dedicated to you called FUCK FOBR, THE

INTERNET ISN'T REAL-a, haha so don't worry, we don't shittalk 12 minutes ago

from web

@AccioDalia yay! thank you guys!-a 10 minutes ago from Tweetie in reply to


fuck yeah andy day~
by therealREALjason June 08, 2009
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