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A motto from the movie "8 Mile". In the movie, rapper Eminem's character Jimmy B-Rabbit often said this motto in rebellion against rival rap group Leaders of the Free World.
From "8 Mile":
Future: "Man, fuck the free world..."
Cheddar Bob: "Yeah, fuck the Free World!"
by kPOTt July 13, 2012
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An unrealistic thought of fucking the entire world at no expense to the fucker or fuck-ee(s)
Johnny: wooah mama, I'm gonna fuck the free world.

Judd: Man, thats unrealistic, fucking the world would cause some sort of disease I'm sure.
by Tim Schell February 16, 2009
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"The end of the fucking world"

is a horrible show on famous streaming service, Netflix. (Spoilers from here on out, but you probably wouldn't care.) The show is based around a kid (who is the protagonist of this shitty show) named "James" who is considered a psychopath kills animals for fun, and has no remorse for any action he does that is morally wrong. he finds a girl named "Alyssa" and he PRETENDS to fall in love with her, cause he wants to hunt bigger prey and kill her. But he can't seem to find a good opportunity to kill her so they go on a "road trip" and I don't know what happens after that cause i stopped midway through episode 2. I'm not watching this god awful show.

Now the second protagonist who I loathe is named "Alyssa" Alyssa is a complete bitch who has to feel the need to be a completely rude and mean to anyone who doesn't agree her and over reacts way to often.

I don't know why "Charlie Covell" created this and what she was on at the time, but I assume from the way the characters act Charlie was trying to make this show attract a target audience of 13-21, teens or early adults to somehow make the protagonist's, James and Alyssa likeable/relatable in a sense that since your a teen you have to be constantly "horny, sad, angry at the world, and hate everything" (I'm 13 myself and I fucking dispise this show). but, i feel like if you somehow do actually "LIKE" this show your probably a teenage girl whos "Obstropolous" and "adamant".
'person with reasonable intelligence: hey bro, the show "The End of The Fucking World" "sucks ass".

'Person with reasonable intelligence 2: for real I'd rather stick both of my Middle Fingers in both of my ears, and pour bleach in my eyes than watch that god awful show again for a second more.
by goofysmoffie February 14, 2022
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A term for the world as it is now that people use when they can't find anything else to describe just how most of the people in the world are so ass stupid and how stupid it is as a whole and just how fucked up it is. Anyone who has had any experence with the world knows it is a perfect discription and if they don't know it they don't know Jack squat.
by Deep blue 2012 June 29, 2010
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Fordham Preparatory School, in the Bronx, NY.
At first observation it is easy to tell that this is a school for phaggets
Fordham Prep phagget 1: I didn't get into Iona, so now i go to the gayest fucking school in the world.
Fordham Prep phagget 2: man that sucks
Iona Prep phagget: lol geii phagget
by Liam White-Krawiec May 13, 2015
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