It's a word fuck up. It's occurs when you are pist or taken by shock, and you mean to either say "fuck it all" or "what the fuck" but in your state of shock you actually say "fuck the wall" a bit of a combination. And then it becomes the phrase that your friends constantly remind you that you accidently muttered in your moment of shock.
Claudia: hey Liv, did you know it was Moms birthday yesterday...
Liv: "fuck the wall! are you for real?
by VeyVey February 01, 2006
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1. when one gets mad at ones techer or friend and choses not to say " go fuck yourself!"

Can also be used to express anger at anyone who you do not know, especially if they annoy you or piss you off.
1. Teacher: why didnt you do your homework John?
John: Cuz i didnt want to!
Teacher: Im going to call your parents
John: Go fuck the wall!

2. Melissa: Hi jenny, wats up
Jenny: Nuttin much
Melissa: So did you finish your project?
Jenny: No did you?
Melissa: Well i did. Hahaha too bad for you. There's only 5 days left to type 20 pgs
Jenny: Go fuck the wall bitch!!!
by Jhae1234 May 17, 2009
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1. An exclamation of dismay, used to convey disappointment or annoyance.
"So they finally resorted to killing their enemies?"
"No, it was accidental."
"Fucking Wall!"
by Muffin Queen February 13, 2005
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A popular phrase used in 'F is for Family'.
**Frank:** I need you two to play nice, and don't get into any trouble. *(to Bill)* And I am putting you in charge of your sister today. You got that?

**Bill:** Yep.

**Frank:** Okay, if anything bad happens to her, I want you to call me at work. Okay, buddy?

**Bill:** Sure, dad.

**Frank:** Good. 'Cause then, I will come right home, and I will put you through that fucking wall.
by IgnasAntans July 18, 2020
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To shoot someone, usually in the head and blood splaters on the wall behind them and the brains and blood look like cherry pie.
If you fuck with me I'll splater cherry pie on the fucking wall behind you.
by Teeta January 25, 2008
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A synonym for many common causes of frustration, especially when speaking of relationships and most frequently when discussing the Friend Zone. See Friend Zone. See also Futility.
Relationships: Trying to get her to see her as more than just a friend is like banging my fucking head against the wall. Also, from one male friend to another: What the hell are you doing with her man? You might as well be banging your fucking head against the wall!
Futility: I might as well be banging my fucking head against the wall.
Conflicts: Talking to you is like banging my fucking head against the wall.
by Elijah Bowman January 28, 2007
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A person, place, or thing that is mindblowingly awesome to the point where it is Hella Fucking Balls-off-the-Wall Awesome. This type of intensity may cause someone and others around them to explode or spontaneously combust.
Daniels sunglasses where so Hella Fucking Balls-off-the-Wall Awesome him and his friends caught on fire then exploded causing the remains to fly in all different directions.
by Douche McGivens March 08, 2009
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