a phrase overused by haters themselves.

so remember...it takes one to know one or at least to think they know one. so... get OVER yourselves!

I'm surprised adults well over 25 years old still use it.
myspace caption: "fuck the haters. you bitches be all up on my page and be hating. I don't have evidence that you be on here but I know you are...and you be hating on my perfect life that I'm too busy hating to even notice you hating on me"
by shaynaynay dawson September 13, 2009
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Fuck All The HackForum Haters - We own you bitches just mad because you're too stupid to use a computer and can't tell the difference between X86 to X64 and probably never will. You fail, go play some more RuneScape as you blast your Miley Cyrus Greatest Hits CD and bitch about things you can't comprehend so you try to put on blast instead. Have a good day, losers. :)

-Added to Urban Dictionary as proof you can add any definition to UD if you're one of us so eat a dick, u jelly bro?

HFhater: Man that HackForums site is gay, I joined just to download hacking programs but I can't understand anything they're talking about, I clicked a link and now my computer is acting funny. :(

HFLeetUser: LMFAO Noob, brb, swatting all the computers on your network just because I can plus you're a douche and deserve it... owned. :)

- Fuck All The HackForum Haters -

u mad bro? i bet u are nao lmfaooo
by Ωmega1337 October 7, 2012
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