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When one guy is fucking a girl in her pussy and the other is fucking her up the ass
Lexy: Hey Bella, last night i got a fuck sandwich from Daniel and Mikey

Bella: intense.
by LandBe April 07, 2011
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when your friend is about to crash her car, and then your other friend next to you, half stoned, yells "fuck sandwich"
"okay guys..we're gon-"
"fuck sandwich"

"let's go to mcdonalds at 3am and order a fuck sandwich!"
by coolboo May 28, 2009
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A three-way act of sex. It involves three people, generally involving at least two men, but can be modified so one man, or even no men need to be involved. The act takes place where one person in the middle is performing a sex act (generally) involving the two sexual areas around the hips, the genitalia and the anus. Another person attends to the anus, while the other attends to their genitalia, adding up to three total. The positioning of the trio is the origin of why this act is referred to as a "sandwich".

The main types of sexual acts that usually exist in a fuck sandwich are normally penis in anus, and penis in vagina. This is why the genders of the middle or front of the sandwich can be male or female, depending.

However, variations exist on this to allow the mouth to partake, now allowing mouth to anus, mouth to vagina, and mouth to penis. This allows a bit more flexibility in the genders of those partaking. When any of these acts are substituted in for any reason, this is referred to as a sloppy fuck sandwich, due to the positioning resulting in the trio looking less like a sandwich.

Another solution to substituting in genders is to allow one or more women to wear a strap-on during the act, or the use of a double-sided dildo, or a combination of the two. This is referred to as a plastic fuck sandwich.

Other "recipes" are allowed in this act, so long it follows the basic structure of sex acts occurring in a line similar to a sandwich.
Darren's heart was racing. In front of him was Mike, whom he was about to thrust his dick into. Behind him was Fred, who was about to fuck him from behind. He was ready to partake in this fuck sandwich.

Even though Tina only had a guy and a girl to do it with her, they could still partake in a sloppy fuck sandwich. Tina would let Eric take her from behind, while Stacy would eat out her pussy.

Three girls? Still perfect for a plastic fuck sandwich! Penny would take on a double-sided dildo with Nancy, while Wendy would eat out Penny's ass. Time for a fun night!
by 9kirby99 March 16, 2017
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Where a girl is in the middle of two guys she is giving one guy a blowjob and taking it in either the ass or the vagina from the other guy
Joe, Victoria and Nate were having a "Fuck Sandwich" last night.
by snakpak195 December 29, 2011
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