1 telling someone to go away.

2Use to descibe something big and/or indimidating
and usualy used in a sentence after describing something as big.

as if the object was telling you to fuck off simply by being.
1 "fuck off, wanker".

2 "He had a big Fuck off gun."

"I got a big Fuck off Amp for my birthday." - simon (lol)
by alex_G April 17, 2006
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To dismiss a specific activity.
I fucked off meeting Bob to stay in bed.
Had an exam earlier. Fucked it off.
by Ed May 06, 2004
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can mean dismissal, or a person who does nothing but dick around all day
(to your boss) "fuck off"

"Josh is a fuck off"
by phil margera May 04, 2003
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A reply preferable to being ignored.
A simple "Fuck Off" would have been wonderful, but not replying to me was more cruel than anything she could have possibly said.
by Killing Kittens September 10, 2004
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