A rude way of saying go away to a person Verb
Person: I love Justin Bieber!
Me: Fuck off
by RGFY April 19, 2018
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when you get agitated and use bad words to make sure the person goes away angry.
by Rachel Bitch March 13, 2018
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This is distinct from the imperative "Fuck off!" You try to say it as one word with the emphasis on the "fuck". This word has a couple of uses in Australia:

1. To qualify an adjective, if something is REALLY big or REALLY brightly coloured, for example, then you slide "fuck-off" in somewhere. This is also used in the UK and is seen in the movie Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: "Also, I think knives are a good idea. Big, fuck-off shiny ones."

2. Another term for insect repellent.
1. My sister's new car is bright fuck-off yellow.

2. These fucking flies are shitting me. Anyone got some fuck-off?
by Choda Boy 57 September 08, 2006
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1.)go away
2.)to beat your meat
3.)an longhaired RA named Trey
Dude, Trey is a cockmunch and a fuckoff
by jack September 29, 2004
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