1. Used in the imperative as a signal of angry dismissal.
2. To spend time idly.
3. To masturbate.
by Sam429 March 13, 2004
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1/Insult; To request that someone leave, go away, retreat, begone. 2/To refute. 3/Used to ephasise size or import.
"You can fusk off, going on about that shit again. I've got a big fuck off plate of lasagne to get through."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
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used in a sentence when someone is being bothered by something or someone and is starting to get really pissed and about to do something really violent or explode.
Dude 1 : FUCK OFF!
Dude 2 : dude just calm down i'll stop!
by Ashley06 May 20, 2006
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1. Go away.

2. No.
1. No I don't want like jazz, fuck off!

2. Do you like jazz? Fuck off!
by Randy Roomwarmer January 9, 2004
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Angry way of saying go away. Effective way of releasing anger whilst saying this is to menacingly wave your wrist around at the same time.
"can i have a big bucket of fuck off"
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can mean dismissal, or a person who does nothing but dick around all day
(to your boss) "fuck off"

"Josh is a fuck off"
by phil margera May 5, 2003
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I fucked off meeting Bob to stay in bed.
Had an exam earlier. Fucked it off.
by Ed May 6, 2004
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