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A saying used in a council estate known as 'Liverpool', to suggest that their football team is still worth playing for.

Liverpool is a football team, who had a lot of success in the 70's and 80's, but as of late, has won nothing, and the dust is starting to gather in their trophy cabinet.

It is also noted, that the history 'Scousers' often refer to, also includes getting English teams banned from the European Cup between 1986-1990, because of their involvement in the Haysel tragedy, in 1985.
Bin Dipper: "Fuck off chelsea you ain't got no history"

Chelsea Fan: "Actually, we have 106 years of History, but more importantly, we have a future, and we have your Torres!"

Sign on, sign on, with a pen in your hand, and you'll never work, again, you'll neeeee-verrrr work, again
by KTBFFH February 01, 2011
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